Langston Crossing

This photo is off the dirt road that leads to the low water crossing.
Probably looks much the same as it did 100 years ago when folks were crossing the river. 

Looking upstream from the low water crossing.  The water is clear with a rocky bottom.

The following is a note from a Bosque County resident, Charles Blakley.
“Please post info concerning the grist mill, and what time period it
operated. Here’s a tale for you. The Smith brothers were three bachelors who
lived near the crossing when I was growing up at Iredell. They hunted and
fished in the river constantly. In about 1958 they found a sword in the river
at the crossing. I saw it, it had some writing on the blade near the handle,
which I could not read. I traced it, and was going to take it to a museum at
North Texas for identification. I guess I didn’t, and lost the tracing. The
Smith boys were impressed with the metal in the blade, and talked of cutting
it up and making knives out of it. I asked them to not do that. I have no
idea what happened to the sword, their house burned within the next year, and
maybe it was in the fire.”