Meridian Courthouse
“Yester-Year” Photo donated by:  Don GOSDIN

Bosque County Clerk
P.O. Box 617
Meridian  76665–0617
The Court house number depends on what department you want.
Main phone number is 254-435-2201;  Fax:  254-435-2152
You can’t miss the Court House–It is on the Square as
you go through town on Morgan & Main Sts.
District Clerk
P.O.Box 674
Meridian, TX 76665
(254) 435-2334

Archives, Libraries, & Societies

1) Bosque County Collection–The Archives of the Bosque County Historical Commission
    (Lumpkin Buildiing across from Meridian Courthouse, on corner)
    P.O. BOX 534
    101 N. Main St.
    Meridian, TX   76665
    Telephone: 254-435-6182  FAX: 254-435-6182 (same as phone)
    Web site:
    Open from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday (closed for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00pm)

2) Bosque County Memorial Museum
301 South Avenue Q
    P.O. Box 345
    Clifton, TX
    Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am–5pm

3) Bosque Valley Heritage Society
    BOX 168
    Valley Mills, TX  76689

4) Meridian Public Library
    P.O. Box 679
    105 N. Erath
    Meridian TX 76665

5) Nellie Pederson Library (Clifton Library)
    P.O. Box 231
    406 Live Oak St.
    Clifton, TX  76634
    Hours: Monday, & Wednesday-Friday: 1:30pm-4:30pm; Tuesday 1:30pm-8:00pm
    Web site:

6) Valley Mills Public Library
     P.O. Box 25
     405 5th Street
     Valley Mills TX 76634


1) Goodpastures “Bosque County, Texas, Marriage Records
     Vol. 1 (Book  A-E:1860-1890):
2) Bosque County:  Land and People (A History of Bosque County, Texas)
    compiled by The Bosque County History Book Committee, 1307 Park St., Clifton, TX  76634;
    Sponsored by The Bosque County Historical Commission; Copyright Bosque County History
    Book Committee- 1985.
3) Bosque County Marriages 1860-1890
4) Bosque County Marriages, Book F 1891-1896 Book 2
5) Bosque County Primer, Introduction to the History of Bosque County, TX
    by Rebecca D. RADDE

Chamber of Commerce

Clifton Chamber of Commerce
         115 North Avenue D
         Clifton, TX  76634-1617
Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce
         1220 N. of the Brazos Whitney
         Whitney, TX
Meridian Chamber of Commerce
         107 N. Erath Suite B
         Meridian, TX

Funeral Homes & Creamatories

1) Clifton Funeral Home
        303 S. Avenue F.
        Clifton, TX
2) Foss Funeral Home
        Valley Mills, TX
3) Lawson Funeral Home
        803 N. Main
        Meridian, TX
        Phone:  254-435-2792
4) Marshall & Marshall Funeral Directors (Hill County)
       201 N. Bosque
       Whitney, TX
5) Martin-Pitts Funeral Home


01) The Bosque Blade (December 1887)
       G. W. Geers, editor
 02) The Bosque Citizen (26 June 1886–May 1891)
       Copies in the University of Texas newspaper files
 03) The Bosque Eagle (a few years before 1898
       Sam Harris, editor
 04) Bosque County Herald (about 1875–1879)
       Published by J. G. Woods and J. A. Gillette
 05) Bosque County News (1900s–Present)
       Published weekly on Wednesdays
       P.O. Box 343
       Meridian, TX 76665
       Phone: (254) 435-6333
       Fax: (254) 435-6335
       **Free trial issue. All you do is email their name and address and ask for the free issue (we send out the
          current issue, not specific requested issues).
          Subscription costs:
          $24/year inside Bosque County
          $27/year in Texas outside County
          $30/year Outside Texas

  06) The Clifton Record (Started about 1895–Present)
        310 W. 5th St.
        Clifton, TX
        (254) 675-6428
  07) The Clifton Enterprise (Operated for a short while in Clifton)
  08) The LakeLander & Tacklebox Publications
       1221-A N. Brazos
       P.O. Box 1727
       Whitney, TX 76692
       (254) 694-4344, fax 254-694-6289
       Business Hours:
       Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m; Saturday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
       Check web site below for different addresses
  09) Lake Whitney Views

  10) The Meridian Tribune(1897–1989; present)
        201 S. Main
        Meridian, TX
        (254) 694-4344435-2710
  11) Iredell Times

  12) The People’s Tribune
        Established by James Day at Walnut Springs in 1896; later was moved to Meridian. A few years,
        it was run by Levi A. Dunlap, editor, and Edwin D. Dunlap, business manager, and the name was
        changed to Meridian Tribune.  Mr. Dunlap operated this paper for over 50 years.
  13) The Sun (begun in Meridian in 1898)
        Moved to Valley Mills

  14) Valley Mills Courier
        Sam Harris, editor; In 1902 Harris bought this paper out

  15) Valley Mills Progress (1900s–Present)
        Valley Mills, TX
        (254) 932-6450
  16) Valley Mills Tribune (1929-1989)
17) Walnut Springs Chronicle

Vital Records

Bosque County Clerk/ Vital Records Office
        P.O. Box 617
        Meridian, TX   76665-0617
        (254) 435-2201

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