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         Topic of BOSQUE-L:  A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Bosque
         County, Texas. This is a free list & is for discussing topics, ancestors, etc. of Bosque County,
         TX.   Interested individuals may want to check out other
         Bosque County web sites: Bosque County (USGenWeb) Archives

Purpose: The purpose of this list to to provide discussion of the genealogy and history of the Bosque County area. You are invited to subscribe to the list, and post your questions about your ancestors who lived in the area.  If you have access to any county resources, you are encouraged to offer your help to others.

Usage: This list is to be used for the discussion of BOSQUE COUNTY, TEXAS genealogy.  Discussion of migration patterns, census data, wills, Bibles, or any other genealogical & historical information is encouraged. 

1. Do NOT post chain letters, political announcements, controversial materials, copyrighted materials, virus warnings, & other things of this nature.

2. “Do for others what you would like them to do for you.”

3. No commercial activity of any kind without prior permission.

4  Do not send messages on behalf of another person to the
list without my prior approval.

5. Do NOT use any kind of explicit language and absolutely NO curse words!!!

6. Please do not use all caps.  This is considered shouting.  If you have a
handicap that requires the use of all caps, please let me know.

7. Absolutely no flames, negativity, or nastiness will be tolerated.

8. Have a favorite web site?  Post this info on the 15th of each month.

We also have “Special Projects” from time to time.  Please participate in these

TIPS*1. Give as much information as possible, so other family members can identify positively that they are researching the same line.*2. When replying to the list, try to include some portions of the previous message, so that readers can be reminded of what the “thread” is about.*3. Post your query often, perhaps once a month.  New people join the list all the time and they may be your link to those alien abductions.*4. Send replies to the list for all to see, and not to just the original poster.  Other members may benefit from the data you provide.*5. Please bookmark this page, and save the Welcome Message that you get when you subscribe.*6. Please sign your name when sending messages to the list. Texans are friendly, and so are we!!!

Subscribing: Clicking on one of the shortcut links below should work, but if your browser doesn’t understand them, try these manual instructions: to join TXBOSQUE-L, send mail to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body.
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TX-BCC–There is also a read-only mailing list for the announcement of special events, activities, and new resources available at the Bosque County Collection (BCC) in Meridian, Texas, and at the BCC website.  The BCC is the archive collection of the Bosque County Historical Commission and has historical and genealogical information available for research.
To subscribe click the following link

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