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GARY, GARRY, GEARY, Etc.Compiled & researched by Glenda Gary GUNN, Larry Edward LANE, & James Dale MEYER, includes an updated revision of Gary Family of England To Virginia To South Carolina by Ethel Speer UPDIKE; As the title indicates, this book is a “recording” of the history of the GARY family.  This is a surname only index to the book.
Donated by:  Bettie WOOD

Iredell, Texas Historical Highlights – Some time ago Annabel Tidwell Newman gave me several narratives written by her brother Donovan Duncan Tidwell.  I subsequently received her permission to copy and circulate them.  I created an index for them and then bound them and presented copies to several Genealogical/Historical groups.  This “book” includes narratives written by Dr. Donovan Duncan Tidwell, an educator and Baptist preacher.  It describes the first settler, the founding of Iredell, the 1887destruction by floods, Iredell’s first schools, & churches, and Johnson Peak.
Donated by: Roy MALONE
of Granbury, TX.

Record of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church  –  I have recently completed an index to the book “Record of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church”.  This record covers a time span from November, 1900 to October, 1923.  A paper copy of the index has been added to the book.  The area covered is around the Hanna Crossing of the Bosque River between Meridian, Iredell and Walnut Springs, Texas.  There are an estimated 450 individuals in the index so this may be of help to Bosque County, Texas researchers.   Ronald “Ron” Anderson of Meridian is to donate this book to the Bosque County Collection after Christmas (2001) when I return it to him. 
Donated by: Roy MALONE   of Granbury, TX.