Bosque DamActually the Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge, about 1916
donated by:  Nancy PROTZMAN

Bridge over the Bosque at Meridian, probably in the late 1920s
donated by:  Don Gosdin

Bridge–I took this picture out of an old scrapbook my grandmother had.
Unfortunately I can’t date it.
donated by:  Nancy PROTZMAN

The Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge
donated by:  Christine NEAL

Clifton Whipple Truss BridgeHistorical Marker
donated by:  Christine NEAL

Election OakHistorical Marker
donated by:  Bob & Bettie G. WOOD

Gary Creek
donated by:  Bob & Bettie G. WOOD

Greer Park“–The Pioneer Home of Gilbert Dunlap GREER
donated Elaine Rummel (his descendant) via: William N. GREER

Katy Bridge–Allen Bend, TX;
      This bridge is also in Hill County; Latitude: 315725N  Longitude: 0972359W

Langston Crossing–Low water endDownstreamUpstreamMy Balancing Act
donated by:  Susan REEDY

Mosheim Public School
donated by:  Christine NEAL

Steel Creek BridgeMorgan, TX
Postcard photo which has written across the bottom Steel Creek Bridge 1914,
donated by:  Sally DAVIS