Meridian Cemetery


Located within the city limits of Meridian, TX, at the South end of Hill Street, where the entrance is located, this cemetery was “laid off” by George B. ERATH, when he surveyed the town of Meridian as county seat of the newly organized Beautiful Bosque County.
The part near the flagpole at the entrance has the oldest burials, however, many rock markers are unreadable.  It is quite possible that many graves have no stone at all.  Most, if not all, of the men hanged legally and illegally in Meridian are believed buried here.  Their names are not known.  In addition, other persons believed buried here without markers are:
McCURRY, William —- He had the contract to build the first courthouse
SCREWS, Nathan and his wife – daughter of William McCURRY

     For years, the city of Meridian has furnished part of the upkeep.  Other funds come from the Meridian Cemetery Association.

Meridian Map


Section A:
      This section is next to the front, or east, fence and between the fence and the first
      inside road.  This is the section traditionally used for African American graves. In
      addition, some Mexican American graves are in this section.
Section B:
      Just West of Section A
Section C:
      Southeast corner of the cemetery
Section D:
      South portion of cemetery
Section E:
      East of Section B, & North of Section D
Section F:
      East of Sections D & E
Section G:
      One of the smaller sections of the cemetery, on the Eastern side.
Section H:
      Probably the smallest section; South of the I Section, East portion of cemetery
Section I:
      One of the oldest portions of the cemetery, in the Northeastern portion of the
Section J:
      One of the oldest portions of the cemetery, right below the I & K Sections
Section K:
      Inside an iron fence, just West of Section I, & North of Section J
Section L:
      One of the oldest portions of the cemetery.
Section M:
      One of the oldest portions of the cemetery.
Section N:
      Behind the flagpole & the cedars near it.  One of the oldest portions of the cemetery.
Section O:
      This section is on the northern portion of the cemetery.  It was originally on a slope, &
       pretty rocky, but was “built up”  for usage.  Older graves are North of Sections K &