Cole Cemetery

BYTHEWOOD, Elizabeth
        Cousin to Milton H., John James, Walter Corley, & E. Caroline COLE
        Lived with Jim SMITH
COLE, Esther C. (nee:  CORLEY)
        John James COLE, Walter Corley COLE, E. Caroline, & Milton COLE’s mother
COLE, Florida Sams
COLE, John James
COLE, Mary J. (nee:  GRAHAM)
        Married to Judge COLE;  Came for a visit & died here.
COLE, Walter Corley
        18 DEC 1865–AUG 1883
LEAVERTON, E. Caroline (nee:  COLE)
        09 OCT 1844–09 AUG 1893
        Mother of 3
        3 different infants died between 1880 & 1885

The story goes that Judge COLE of Galveston came to this county and bought some land.  His sons were too  young to come along, so he sent his nephew, Milton H. COLE here.  Milton went back to Galveston to get his fiancee.  She was quite ill at the time, but family just thought it was consumption or tuberculosis, and that she would get better in the dryer climate.  They let them get married, an the couple came to here.  She lived 3 weeks and died from typhoid fever.  She was the first burial.