Robert Bailey Dennis

Husband’s Name:     Robert Baylor Dennis
        Born:           Oct. 13, 1896        Place: Texas
        Married:    Dec. 14, 1917        Place: Bosque County, Texas
        Died:           May 31, 1945         Place: Clifton, Texas
        Buried:               Clifton Cemetery   Place: Clifton, Texas
        Father:         William Russell Dennis
        Mother:         Gertrude E. Harrigal
        Other Spouses:  None
Wife’s Name:        Lou Lee Greenwade
        Born:       June 21, 1899       Place: Texas
        Died:       March 19, 1982  Place: Clifton, Texas
        Buried:     Clifton Cemetery    Place: Clifton, Texas
        Father:     Jeffrey Peter Greenwade
        Mother:         Jessie Ann Wilson
        Other Spouses:  Frank McGlothin
1. Name:    Denzil Dennis
        Born:   June 1, 1919        Place: Texas
        Died:   June 2, 1919        Place: Texas
        Buried: Clifton Cemetery    Place: Clifton, Texas
2. Name:    Clovis Lloyd Dennis
        Born:   April 24, 1920  Place: Texas
        Married: Unknown        Place:
        Died:   July 4, 1986        Place: McLennan County, Texas
        Buried:     NA          Place:
        Spouse(s): Etheline Shaw    Born/Died:
3. Name:    Ollin Dennis
        Born:       Feb. 12, 1923   Place:  Whitney, Texas
        Married: NA                              Place:
        Died:   April 10, 1988  Place:  Temple, Texas (Bell County)
        Buried:     Na                         Place:   Smith Bend, Texas
        Spouse(s): Clara Rowe       Born/Died:
4. Name:    Adeline Dennis
        Born:   April 20, 1923  Place:  Texas
        Married:    Nov. 2, 1946        Place:  Texas
        Spouse(s): Herman Horn  Born/Died:
5. Name:  Jessie Oletha Dennis
        Born:   Nov. 3, 1927            Place: Whitney, Texas
        Married:    Dec. 26, 1947           Place:  Texas
        Spouse(s): Riley Daniel Worley Jr   Born: Oct. 29, 1918 to May 1, 1995
SOURCES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
William R. Dennis and Gertrude E. Harrigal – Married Jan. 20, 1890 in
Lampasas County, Texas.  (my great grandparents)

Robert Baylor Dennis and Lou Lee Greenwade – Married Dec. 16, 1917 – Not
sure about the County – probably Bosque or Hill. (grandparents)

Riley Daniel Worley Jr and Jessie Oletha Dennis – Married Dec. 26, 1947 in
Hill County, Texas. (my parents) Also, my father Riley Daniel Worley Jr was in Navy.