The Old Mill 1929

1929 – The Old Mill – Volume 7
Clifton High School
Clifton, Bosque County, Texas

Submitted by Edward L. Williams



To her work she brings that cheerfulness that gives us courage; a sense of fair play that insures our turst in her ability to settle our difficulties; a genial and abiding sense of humor; a personality that makes its impress wherever she goes; a staunch adherence too her own high ideals that increases our faith in our own.  Above all, she is gifted with the understanding of youth, so that she is not only our teacher, but our adviser and friend.

For these reasons, to Miss Gabie Sue Carpenter, as an expression of our love, we, the Class of 1929, dedicate this volume of the Old Mill.


Editor-in-Chief …. Leon Lane
Assistant Editor …. Ruth Mooney
Assistant Editor …. Bonnie Alexander
Business Manager …. Alfred Jenson
Assistant Business Manager …. Wilce Griffin
Boys’ Athletic …. William Duke
Assistant Boys’ Athletics …. Ralph Coston
Girls’ Athletics …. Isla Ruth  Fort
Assistant Girls’ Athletics …. Evelyn Orbeck
Activities …. Grace McSpadden
Humor …. Margaret Hill


Board of Education
A. G. Gilliam …. Vice President
Tom C. Parks …. President
John Cowen …. Secretary
O. C. Orbeck
R. L. Baldridge
G. C. Lane

W. D. Raley …. Superintendent, Chemistry
M. E. Jones …. Principal, Coach, Science
Mrs. Ora Lee Bettis …. Mathematics, Faculty Adviser for Annual
Miss Gabie Sue Carpenter …. English
Miss Juanita Compton …. History, Sociology
Miss Mary McElroy …. Domestic Science
Miss Margaret Grammer …. Public School Music, Latin
Mr. J. A. Dowdle …. History, Civics

Senior Class

Class Colors: Blue and Gold
Class Flower: Sweet Pea
Class Motto: “We Can Because We Think We Can”

Class Favorites
Prettiest Girl …. Georgia Lee Griffin
Most Popular Girl …. Travis Bertelson
Most Popular Boy …. William Duke
Best All-Around Boy …. Alfred Jenson

President …. Alfred Jones
Vice-President …. William Duke
Secretary …. Georgia Lee Griffin
Reporter …. Ralph Coston


Alfred Jenson – “Hack”
Isla Ruth Fort – “Buck”
Leon Lane
Bonnie Alexander – “Bunch”
William Duke – “Dick”
Wilce Griffin – “Willie”
Georgia Lee Griffin – “Big Sister”
Ralph Coston – “Doc”
Ruth Mooney – “Nancy”
Clifford Jenson – “Cliffie”
Clifton Brewer – “Stooly”
Margaret Land – “Judy”
Curtis Bakke
Emma Cash – “Florence”
Darrel Grantham
Martin Nelson – “Slick”
Cliffie Alfie – “Lengthy”
Wayne Hughes
Lillian Tennison – “Lil”
Fred Rhodes – “Freddie”
Beach Polk
Nora Belle Biffle – “Freckles”
Gerald Polk – “Piggie”
Dora Mae Canuteson
Andrew McFadden – “Andy”
Travis Bertelson – “Trav”
Auldy Tergerson – “Tergie”
Marie Christenson – “Mary”
Arthur Thompson
Vera Vickrey

Junior Class

Class Colors: Pink and Green
Class Flower: Pink Carnation
Class Motto: “We Can Do More Good By Being Good Than Any Other Way”

Class Favorites:
Evelyn Orbeck …. Prettiest Girl
Mary Coston …. Most Popular Girl
Harry Reese …. Most Popular Boy
Willis Windham ….Best All Around Boy

President …. Ralph Lane
Vice President …. Evelyn Orbeck
Secretary-Treasurer …. Mary Coston
Reporter …. Margaret Nance


Ruby McFadden
Jimmie Duke
Thelma Homerstad
Willis Windham
Velma Manske
Erich Thiele
Lillie Belle Evans
Baley Harris
Evelyn Orbeck
Rudolph Seljos
Harry Reese
Velma Helton
Carl Swenson
Stella Tergerson
Oscar Pederson
Margaret Nance
Charles Schulze
Sibyl Findley
Ralph Lane
Hattie Mooney
Mardelle Anderson
Edma Jenson
Olga Landgraf
Mollie Nelson
Leoti Grimland
Virginia Grantham
Emma Canuteson
Carrie Aars
Elvira Sonntag
Mary Coston
D. M. Buck
Mildred Janes

Sophomore Class

Class Colors: Blue and Gray
Class Flower: Lilac
Class Motto: “One For All and All For One”

President …. Grace McSpadden
Vice-President …. Mary Westgaard
Secretary-Treasurer …. Martha Louise Swenson
Reporter …. Ruth Kunkel

Class Favorites:
Prettiest Girl …. Marguerite Colwick
Most Popular Girl …. Most Popular Girl
Most Popular Boy …. Harold Jenkins
Best All-round Boy …. Alvin Canuteson


Alfie Hester
Loraine Anderson
Gladys Bekken
Mathilde Boe
Irene Brewer
Oliver Bronstad
Alvin Canuteson
Marguerite Colwick
Rosalie Cooper
Alma Erickson
Lola Finstad
David Grimland
Ada Belle Harris
George Harris
Edgar Helton
Flora Hurst
Viola Hutcherson
Harold Jenkins
H. P. Jenson
Helen Janes
Ester Knust
Ruth Kunkel
Clarice Lambert
Laura Lange
Minnie Lee
Grace McSpadden
Dudley Mooney
Vione Murphree
Travis Nelson
Curtis Pederson
Raymond Pederson
Margaret Polk
Donald Prather
Joe Reese
Alton Solberg
Lucille Standefer
Quinn Starnes
Martha Louise Swenson
Mary Ellen Swenson
Elmore Tennison
Alyet Townley
Chester Waldrop
Mary Westgaard
Edwin Wiederaenders

Freshman Class

Class Colors: Lavender and Silver
Class Flower: Sweet Pea
Class Motto: “We’ve Hitched Our Wagons to a Star”

President …. Elbert Helton
Vice-President …. Margaret Hill
Secretary …. Anita Obenhaus

Class Favorites:
Prettiest Girl …. Paulie Lane
Most Popular Girl …. Anita Obenhaus
Most Popular Boy …. Paul Hobbs
Best All-round Boy …. Philip Jenkins


Wilfred Anz
Edna Biffle
Tommye Jean Boulware
Helen Cormany
Sam Davis
Vivian Forson
Nancy Gray
Etta Lou Golden
Ben Golden
Elbert Helton
Margaret Hill
Paul Hobbs
Philip Jenkins
Alton Jenson
Ruth Johle
Carrol Johnson
Vaidine Johnson
Walter Kilgore
Alava Landgraf
Pauline Lane
Louis Lange
Milfordt Larson
Lurline Linn
Wayland Luck
Wilson McCoy
Verna Ima McFadden
Julian McFadden
Kenneth Mjaaland
Lena Moffatt
Anita Obenhaus
Allison Olsen
Franklin Oswald
Ingram Oswald
Mary Oswald
Corrine Parrish
Otis Pederson
Sylvan Pederson
Emroy Pederson
Ada Phinney
Herbert Schoenrock
Louise Standefer
Sadie Storie
Edith Tennison
Ninnah Thurmond
Etta Belle Thurmond
Grace Watson


William Duke – Left Tackle; Weight 171
Ralph Coston – Left End; Weight 137
Leon Lane – Left Guard; Weight 118
Arthur Thompson – Left Guard; Weight 135
Alfred Jenson – Center; Weight 132
Chester Waldrop – Center; Weight 136
Harold Jenkins – Right Guard; Weight 180
Auldy Tergerson – Right Tackle; Weight 161
Wilce Griffin – Right End; Weight 150
Willis Windham – Quarterback; Weight 125
Alvin Canuteson – Quarterback; Weight 112
Harry Reese – Right Halfback; Weight 140
Martin Nelson – Left Halfback; Weight 115
Raymond Peterson – Left Half-back; Weight 128
Clifford Jenson – Full-back; Weight 152

Boy’s Basketball

Coach M. E. Jones
Wayne Hughs
Willis Windham
Auldy Tergerson
Alvin Canuteson
Clifford Jenson
Alfred Jenson
Carl Swenson
Curtis Bakke
Fred Rhodes