Dulcina Finstad

A daughter of the late James and Mary Moffatt, Mrs. Dulcina Moffatt Blackwell Finstad was born on November 8, 1879, in Hood County.
When she was very young she moved with her family in a covered wagon first to Crawford, where they lived a short while, and then to a
place near Cayote in Bosque Couty.

In April, 1897, she was married to J. R. Blackwell.  To their marriage were born three children –one son, A. J., and two daughters,
Pearl (Mrs Otto Walsleben) and Annie, who died when she was five years of age.  Mr Blackwell preceded his wife in death on September 6, 1914.  After the loss of her husband Mrs. Finstad continued to reside on a farm in the Cayote Community until she moved into Clifton in 1921. 
It was in 1924 that she was married to Matt Finstad