May 27, 1898

(later became the Meridian Tribune)
Published  Walnut Springs and Meridian, Texas

May 27, 1898

From Iredell:
Last Monday evening near Spring Creek Schoolhouse, Professor T. J. WILKISON killed a rattlesnake which measured 4 feet and 3 inches. The Professor says he came very near stepping on it but then it is none of the people’s business how scared he was.

Local News:

CHARLEY JOHNSON, of Robertson  County, who was arrested by Sheriff Boyd some time ago for theft of a horse from H. G. SCALES, who lives near Iredell had an examining trial before SQUIRE STEPHENS Thursday and was bound over till action of Grand Jury in the sum of $500.

At a meeting of the School Board of Meridian Public School on Wednesday the following persons were selected as teachers for the ensuing year.
C. M. BLADRIDGE, Principal; J.A. ROBERTSON, First Assistant; Miss PHEMIE PEDIGO, Second Assistant; Miss JULIA BLACKMORE, Primary Department.

ELBERT WILLIAMSON has returned from Austin where he went to officiate in Uncle Sam’s family of warriors. He reports soldiers galore down there and
ED GORDON and BEN WOODS both of this place were mustered in and are now full fledged soldiers. ELBERT says war is not what it is supposed to be.