May 21, 1897

Walnut Springs News
Mrs. P. M. Crow is visiting in Terell this week.
Mrs. John Caraway attended the Waco Carnival this week.
Mrs. L. K. Johnson is visiting relatives at Chalk Mountain this week.
Mrs. James Day returned home Friday from a visit to her parents near Princeton, Texas.

Iredell News
Mrs. Eldridge of Walnut Springs is visiting her parents here.
J. C. Lane of Iredell is selling seven pounds of best roasted coffee for $1
Mrs. Hays left for Alexander after a weeks stay with her daughter Mrs. C. C. Corley.
H. A. Turner has knocked the bottom out in groceries if you don’t believe it just come and see.
Mr. Surcy’s little boy of Spring Creek was bitten by a snake last Friday, from the effects of which he died Saturday evening. We extend heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved parents.

Willow Springs News
Last Saturday C. C. Williams was thrown from his buggy, striking the wheel and seriously injuring his leg and ankle.

Clifton News
Mrs. J. M. Brooks was right sick the first of the week.
Mrs P. Olson has been very sick for several days past.
Mrs. Nettie Anderson of Norse was in Clifton visiting friends.
Mrs/ H. C. Mills, of McGregor, mother of Mrs. T. P. Isbell spent a pleasant week in the city.
J. H. Jenson was in the city Thursday, he had in his possesion the skin of a large gray wolf, from tip to tip the hide was about seven feet long.Meridian News
Miss Louraya Spears of Morgan is visiting the family of J. N. Metcalf this week.
Misses Mary White and Whelma Ford of Morgan were visiting in the city Saturday.
W. W. Nichols and R. S. Screws of Willow Springs neighborhood are attending court this week.