April 6, 1889


Mr and Mrs M. H. Ward of Iredell Dosed With Sweet Strychnine

On Friday night last a strange case of poisoning occured in the family of
M.H. Ward of Iredell. About 8 o’clock two doctors were summoned to attend
the husband and wife, both of whom had been taken suddenly ill after supper.
Mr. Ward the next morning made the following statement,
“Yesterday my wife was away from home for dinner. I ate about half a can of
salmon and placed the balance away for supper. In the evening  I went after
my wife. When we reached home, Mrs Ward prepared supper. I ate a few bites
of the salmon and noticed it tasted very bitter, also ate 2 biscuits. My
wife eating about the same when we noticed the biscuits did not taste right.
Presently my wife complained of feeling dizzy headed. I thought it would
wear off in a few minutes and did not call in any assistance. All at once I
felt a strange sensation fly over me. I arose and started for the door, but
could scarcely walk. A neighbor called and administered sweet milk to both
myself and wife and another went for the doctor. We can form no opinion on
how the poison came in the flour or salmon. The doctors examined some of the
biscuits and found they contained sweet strychnine.” Marriage Licenses:
Since last reported the following  have signified their intention to tackle
the problem of matrimony:
J A Youree and Miss Mattie Turley, H.A. Pendleton and Mrs Mollie Parvin,
D.D. Auldridge and Miss Marinda T Hardin.