Timeline for William Moses Hughes

Time Line for William Moses Hughes – donated by:  Phillip R. Graham

October 25, 1842—-born in Jefferson  County, Alabama ( near Birmingham ) to Jesse H. and
Mary (nick named APolly@) ( Powell ) Hughes.

August 12, 1861–Joined Infantry CSA @ Hagoods Crossroads near Mt. Pinson, Alabama near
Birmingham( 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment Company C.-private )

April, 1865Cparoled from Infantry as a private at Macon, Georgia .

September 7, 1865—-married Carolina Savannah Cooper at Village Springs, Alabama, near
Birmingham, Alabama.

April 22, 1867—-Lori A. Hughes born( 1st child ) in Alabama near Birmingham?

August 31, 1869CNancy Viola Hughes born ( 2nd child ) in Alabama near Birmingham?

1870 moved to Texas B( Bosque County??? )

August 17, 1872–Mary Alice Hughes ( 3rd child )  born in Texas

December 2, 1874– A. W. Hughes ( 4th child )  born in Texas Bdied December 24, 1874.

February 2, 1877BWilliam Jesse Hughes ( 5th child ) born in Texas

January 23, 1879BDavid Eldon Hughes ( 6th child ) born in Texas

March 10, 1881B Twins born BIone (7th ) and Hortense (8th) Hughes born in Bosque Co., Texas

March 13, 1883BGertrude Hughes ( 9th child ) born in Bosque Co., Texas

January 25, 1885BBrown Lewis Hughes ( 10th child ) born in Bosque Co., Texas

October 4, 1887BMyrtle Hughes ( 11th child ) born in Bosque Co., Texas

July 9, 1890BMary Alice marries James L. Abbe in Van Zandt Co., Texas

July 20, 1890BNancy Viola marries William L. Cole in Van Zandt Co., Texas

September 2, 1888BPowell Donald Hughes ( 12th child ) born in Bosque Co., Texas

July 19, 1890BJoe Leonard Hughes ( 13th  child ) born in Van Zandt Co., Texas

1893 moved to Henderson County, Texas near Athens in the Stockard Community.

April 16, 1894–Eunice V. Hughes ( 14th child ) born in Stockard, Texas
October 4, 1900BGertrude marries G. W. Clapp in Stockard, Texas

November 01, 1900BDave E. marries Octavia Heffington in Stockard, Texas

January 03, 1901B Hortense marries John Caddell in Stockard, Texas

January 21, 1902BIone marries Samuel Augustus Stockard in Stockard, Texas

November 14, 1904BMyrtle marries C. S. Carter in Stockard, Texas

December 03, 1906BBrown Lewis marries Sue Clapp in Stockard, Texas

October 03, 1907B Carolina Savanah dies in Stockard, Texas

November 12, 1911B Eunice V. marries J. W. Thurmond in Stockard, Texas

November 30, 1911B W M Hughes marries ( 2nd ) Sarah E. Flatt in Stockard, Texas

October 4, 1912B Powell D. marries Lillie McKinney in Stockard, Texas

July 19, 1916 B Eunice V. dies during childbirth

December 01, 1916 or ( 18 )B Brown L. dies

July 7, 1918BJoe Leonard marries Lockie Benge in Stockard, Texas

1921CJesse C. Hughes ( brother of William ) dies from influenza-buried in Payne Cemetery.

June 22, 1930, B William Moses Hughes dies in Stockard, Texas, and is buried in Payne Cemetery