William Randolph Jackson

Husband’s Name:  William Randolph JACKSON
        Born:                                      Place:
        Married:                                  Place:
        Died:  1917                             Place: Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried: Fulton Cemetery       Place: Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Other Spouses:  Mary ?__________
Wife’s Name:  Mary Ann GOAD
        Born:                                       Place:
        Died:                                       Place:
        Buried:  Fulton Cemetery      Place: Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Other Spouses:
Note:  William also had perhaps four other children from first marriage whose names have not yet been identified. Please post along with name of first wife if you know who they were. Any family info would be greatly appreciated.
1. Name:  Charlie L. JACKSON
        Born:                                            Place:
        Married:                                        Place:
        Died:   05 JUN 1966                    Place: At home, Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried:  Fulton Cemetery            Place: Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s):  1) Fanny_____          Born/Died:
                          2) Unknown Name    Born/Died:  ??–approx 1964-65
2. Name:  Jesse JACKSON
        Born:                                               Place:
        Married:                                          Place:
        Died:                                               Place:
        Buried:  Fulton Cemetery              Place:  Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s):  Lottie M. SKILES?    Born?/Died: ??–09 APR 1964 Fulton Cemetery
3. Name:  Julia P JACKSON
        Born:   14 NOV 1892                            Place:  Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Married:                                                 Place:
        Died:   10 MAR 1976                           Place:  Erath County, TX
        Buried:  Fulton Cemetery                     Place:  Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s):  John Daniel PITTMAN    Born  ?  /Died: 11/1953
4. Name:  Lora F. JACKSON
        Born:                                      Place:  Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Married:                                 Place:
        Died: 12 DEC 1979               Place:
        Buried:                                    Place:
        Spouse(s):  Mr.PYLANT      Born/Died:
NOTES:  Trying to research Mary Ann Goad Jackson 2nd wife to William Randolph Jackson.
Have found:
William Henderson & Charles Pinckney Goad listed in Bosque County 1880
Census. William had a daughters Mary Ann 21 yrs old , Martha, Manda and
Lucinda and granddaughter Mandy. William & Charles were sons of Alexander
Goad of Madison County, Ark William Henderson Goad (1836-1915) married Ruth Ray (1842-1912) Charles m Martha Ellis Ray (sister to Ruth) (1844-1940)

They were sons of Alexander and Jane (Henderson) Goad who came to Madison
Co Ark about 1835 from Whire County, Tenn.

Alexander was son of James M. and Margaret (Shockley) Goad from Bedford
County, VA William died in Terrell County, Tx buried in Schleicher Co Tx.
Charles died in Caddo County Okla.

DOES anyone have info indicating whether or not this may or may not be the
correct Goad family of Mary Ann Jackson?
Texas Death Index
Goad info collected from correspondence with Ken Haas author of The Goad
Family Book