Kittel Gunstenson Grimland

Husband’s Name:     Kittel Gunstenson GRIMLAND

        Born:  1/12/1811             Place: Åamli, Grimeland Gaard, Norway
        Married: 1835 / 36          Place:  Åamli, Grimeland Gaard, Norway
        Died: 1883                      Place: Norse, Texas USA
        Buried: Our Saviors Luther Cemetery
        Father: Gusten Jorgenson    (birth:  1780 Åamli, Grimeland Gaard, Norway)
        Mother: Kjersti Kitteldatter (Birth:  1776   Mosberg Gaard, Norway)
        Other Spouses: None
         Emigrated : 1850, Port of New Orleans, La.
Wife’s Name: Liv Nilsdatter Gunstenson
        Born: 6/14/1810            Place: Navessen, Vegaas Heien, Sogn, Urvatten Gaard, Norway
        Died:  11//1903             Place: Norse, Texas, USA
        Buried:                          Place: Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery
        Father: Nils Olson
        Mother: Randi Olson
        Other Spouses: Jorden Gunstenson
1. Name: Jorgen Jorgenson (Yearn) Grimland
        Born:  3/11/1833                                 Place: Åamli, Grimeland Gaard, Norway
        Married:  (1) 1850 (2) (1862)              Place: Henderson County, Texas
        Died:  10/4/1915                                 Place: Clifton, Texas
        Buried:                                Place:
        Spouse(s): (1) Gurino Tellefsdatter 1839-1861 (2) Inger Halverson1843-1930
        He had a total of 18 children.  Three by the first wife, 15 by second
2. Name: Gunsten Kittelsen Grimland
        Born:   4/29/1936              Place: Åamli, Grimland Gaard, Norway
        Married:                              Place:
        Died: 1924                          Place:
        Buried:                                Place: Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Clifton, Texas
        Spouse(s): Sophia Brown       Born/Died: 1841-1916
     They had six children by some accounts and nine by others
3. Name: Nils Kittlesen Grimland
        Born:   10/4/1839                Place: Åamli, Grimeland Gaard, Norway
        Married: 1867                     Place:
        Died:   1/20/1924                Place:    Norse, Texas
        Buried:                                Place: Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery
        Spouse(s):   Jensine Marie (Mary) Johnson        Born/Died: 2/20/1849 – 2/25/1929
         They had nine children
4. Name: Ole Kittlesen Grimland
        Born:   12/17/1941                      Place: Åamli, Grimland Gaard, Norway
        Married:   1875                           Place: Hamilton County, Texas
        Died:   12/17/1920                    Place: Lampasas, Texas
        Buried:   Lampasas, Texas       Place: Oak Hill Cemetery
        Spouse(s):   Annery (Annie)  Eddie     Born/ Died : 11/21/1856 – 12/22/1934  Born in
Virginia. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery beside Ole.  Ole is the only child of Liv and Kittle that
married outside the Norwegian community . They had six children
5. Name: Gjerld Kittlesen Grimland
        Born:  10/10/1844                Place: Åamli, Grimland Gaard, Norway
        Married: no                          Place:
        Died:   1875                         Place: Norse, Texas
        Buried:  Norse                     Place: Our Saviors Lutheran
Gjerld reportedly died when a horse fell on him.
6. Name: Jorgen Kittlesen Grimland (known as J. K. or Lillie Yern)
        Born: 5/30/1847                 Place: Åamli, Grimland Gaard, Norway
        Married:   5/21/1888          Place: Bosque County, Texas
        Died: 11/1/1915                 Place: Bosque County, Texas
        Buried:                               Place: Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery
        Spouse(s): Annie Olsen    Born/Died: 5/21/1863 -10/24/1915
According to a grandson, when Annie died J.K. was in good health, but
did not want to live without her and died in his sleep one week later.
They had six children
7. Name: Kjaerstie Kittledatter Grimland
        Born:  4/22/1849                 Place: Åamli, Grimland Gaard, Norway
        Married: 1872-3                  Place: Bosque County
        Died:   7/20/1921                Place: Bosque County
        Buried:                                Place: Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery
        Spouse(s): Ole (Olsen Hanckne) Solberg          Born/Died:11/1/1843 – 8/27/1922
Kjaerstie was the only daughter and the last child born in Norway. She
also had nine children.
8.Name: Reinert Wilhem Grimland
        Born: 10/22/1852                Place: Henderson County, Texas
        Married:   Never                 Place:
        Died:   1918                      Place: Norse, Texas
        Buried:                                Place: Our Savior Lutheran Cemetery
        According to another grandson of J.K., Reinert was “simple” and along with J.K. inherited the family farm with the understanding they would take care of mother  until her death.  J.K. built Reinert a small house on the property where he lived until his death.
There are so many sources here but to name a few I will start with Census Tapes, A short book “The Family Cartude (Carter) fro Fjord to Prairie” by Olga Carter Marquardt and Kristen B. Solberg, Names and dates entered in an ” Old Bible” printed in 1633, some of these were entered by Liv Nilsdatter Grimland, Our Saviors Lutheran Church and Cemetery Records, Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Clifton, Texas, Oak Hill Cemetery, Lampasas, Texas, Grandchildren of Ole and Annie Grimland, Verna Watson Warren, Exa Hodge, Fay Lockheart Black, Jodell, Grimlan Conner, Kathleen Sommer, The book, The People and Land of Bosque County, Allen Grimland, Cecil Tergerson, and any other person that I could get to talk to me.
Wanda Mobley