John Lewis Cupps

Contributor: Donna Irby

HUSBAND: John Lewis Cupps
Birth date: October 30, 1824
Birth place: Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
Death date: December 23, 1905
Death place: Newton Co., Missouri (or enroute there)
Burial place: Newton Co., Missouri
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

WIFE: Margaret Ellen Gillson
Birth date: April 09, 1847
Birth place: Ohio
Death date: December 27, 1904
Death place: Niwot, Coleman Co., Texas
Burial place: buried in Cleveland Community Cemetery, near Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Marriage date: August 01, 1866
Marriage place: Green Co., Indiana

CHILD 1: Mary Isabell Cupps
Birth date: November 10, 1867
Birth place: Indiana
Death date: December 23, 1950
Death place:
Spouse: Hiram Randolph Bingham
Marriage Date: July 11, 1891
Marriage Place: Coleman Co., Texas

CHILD 2: Margaret Ellen Cupps
Birth date: November 29, 1869
Birth place: Iowa
Death date: February 25, 1904
Death place: Coleman County, Texas
Spouse: W. N. (Doc) King
Marriage Date: January 11, 1891
Marriage Place: Coleman County, Texas

CHILD 3: Joseph L. Cupps
Birth date: January 17, 1872
Birth place: Missouri
Death date: August 11, 1895
Death place:
Spouse: Maggie Graham
Marriage Date: August 02, 1894
Marriage Place:

CHILD 4: Rhoda Loraine Cupps
Birth date: November 05, 1873
Birth place: Missouri
Death date: August 26, 1969
Death place: Boerne, Kendall County, Texas
Spouse: William Cathy Penland
Marriage Date: December 20, 1891
Marriage Place:

CHILD 5: Etta (Etty) Mae Cupps
Birth date: July 26, 1876
Birth place: Missouri
Death date: May 16, 1932
Death place:
Spouse: William Milton Smith
Marriage Date: February 22, 1894
Marriage Place:

CHILD 6: Dessa Marcella Cupps
Birth date: November 15, 1878
Birth place: Missouri
Death date: March 06, 1954
Death place: Texas
Spouse: James Wilmar Bingham
Marriage Date: May 29, 1907
Marriage Place:

CHILD 7: Charles Frank Cupps
Birth date: May 01, 1880
Birth place: Iowa
Death date: March 05, 1967
Death place: Eden, Concho County, Texas
Spouse: Nannie Mitchell
Marriage Date: November 15, 1908
Marriage Place:

CHILD 8: Louisa Josephine Cupps
Birth date: November 17, 1883
Birth place: Boulder City, Missouri
Death date: November 26, 1938
Death place:
Spouse: Frank Affie Parsons
Marriage Date: April 28, 1901
Marriage Place: Niwot, Texas

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NOTES: John Lewis2 Cupps married (1) unknown Abt. 1845 (Source: Coleman County Texas Probate Records, Book F, page 375, File #249, “2 children by my first wife, 7 by second wife, and 7 by last wife, M E Cupps’.). She was born in Pennsylvania (Source: 1910 Census Tulsa County Oklahoma.). He married (2) Mary Parkerson (Source: Newton County, Missouri Death Records.) Abt. 1850. She was born Abt. 1823 in Pennsylvania, and died Aft. December 05, 1863 in Indiana (Source: Lanora Cupps Jordan.). On both the 1850 and 1860 census he lists his occupation as cooper (barrel maker). The Cupps helped start the first Church of Christ after they moved to Coleman County and the first school, originally known as the Cupps School, then Niwot and last Cleveland School. In 1905 John went on a trip to Missouri with daughter Dessa and granddaughter Laura Mae to see his son William D. Cupps. He died on the train in route (or he may have died after he arrived). His grandchildren in Missouri remember that he died before he arrived. One granddaughter, Lanora Cupps Jordan, wrote that he died after he arrived. His tombstone states he died at age 85, which is likely an error. Children of John Cupps and unknown are: i. Samuel Pinkney3 Cupps, born January 20, 1847 in Pennsylvania, and died November 04, 1939 in Sand Springs, Tulsa County, Oklahoma (Source: Tulsa County, Oklahoma Death Records, State File #72253.). He married Ruth Sebring December 18, 1867. She was born January 15, 1844 in Ohio, and died March 05, 1917. ii. Susannah (Ann) Cupps, born April 05, 1849 in Pennsylvania, and died September 06, 1938 in Santa Paula, California. She married George Washington Hedrick August 29, 1866 in Indiana. He was born 1848 in Indiana, and died February 10, 1925 in Ojai, California. Children of John Cupps and Mary Parkerson are: i. John James Cupps, born May 10, 1852 in Washington County, Pennsylvania (Source: LDS records, Marqeruite Rogers P.O. Box 934 Monticello, UT 84536.), and died February 13, 1924 in Hawley, Jones County, Texas (Source: LDS records, Marqeruite Rogers P. O. Box 934 Monticello, UT 84536.). He married (1) Sarah Ryker or Ryles Abt. 1873 in Missouri. She was born 1842 in Missouri (Source: LDS records, Marqeruite RogersP. O. Box 934Monticello, UT 84536.), and died Bef. June 09, 1880 in Missouri (Source: Lanora Cupps Jordan.). He married (2) Annalizer Loyd August 24, 1881 in Bosque Co., Texas. She died Abt. 1882 in Bosque Co., Texas. He married (3) Mary Jane Parker November 02, 1884 in Bosque Co., Texas. She was born May 1857 in Texas, and died September 1924. ii. Jacob George Cupps, born March 18, 1854 in Pennsylvania; died December 27, 1928. He married (1) Sarah (mnu) Bef. 1877. She was born Abt. 1858 in Ohio (Source: 1880 Pulaski County, Missouri Census.). He married (2) Mary Calvin Aft. 1880 in Missouri. He married (3) Elizabeth Ellen McDonald Aft. 1880. iii. William Daniel Cupps, born September 30, 1856 in Pennsylvania; died June 18, 1940 in Newton County, Missouri. He married Louisa Josephine Carmack Abt. 1880 in Ironton, Pulaski County, Missouri. She was born February 11, 1861 in Pulaski County, Missouri, and died November 18, 1933 in Missouri. iv. Reed Vance Cupps, born July 26, 1858 in Near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; died November 01, 1934 in near Santa Anna, Texas.He married Mary Lena Trowbridge September 27, 1885 in Bosque Co., Texas. She was born May 05, 1863 in near La Grange, iowa, and died February 10, 1952 in near Tulare, California. v. Elizabeth Jane Cupps, born 1860 in Washington County, Pennsylvania; died 1909 in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma.She married Henry Clay Hawkins August 25, 1882 in Bosque County, Texas. He was born September 1843 in Illinois (Source: LDS records, Marqeruite RogersP. O. Box 934Monticello, UT 84536.), and died 1918 in Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma (Source: LDS records). vi. Benjamin Henry Cupps, born December 05, 1863 in Osha, Greene Co., Indiana; died December 24, 1941 in Eden, Concho Co., Texas.He married Laura Ann Penland August 30, 1888 in Coleman Co., Texas. She was born Abt. 1867 in Osha, Green County, Indiana (Source: LDS records, MARGERUITE ROGERS P O BOX 934 MONTICELLO UT USA 84535.), and died 1917 in Maryetta, Arkansas. vii.Soloman McCarty Cupps, born December 05, 1863 in Osha, Greene Co. Indiana; died November 24, 1941 in Eden, Concho Co., Texas. He married Mary Jackson 1909.