Daniel Berry Bennett

Contributor: Billie Nichols-Bennett

HUSBAND: Daniel Berry Bennett 
Birth date: abt. 1825 
Birth place: MS/LA 
Death date: 3-13-1905 
Death place: Bosque Co., TX 
Burial place: Fairview Cemetery, Bosque Co., TX 
Father: William Bennett  (Unconfirmed) 
Mother: Mary

Marriage date: 12-21-1845 
Marriage place: Madison Co., MS 

WIFE: Nancy Weeks 
Birth date: Feb. 1829 
Birth place: Amite Co., MS 
Death date: abt. 1885 
Death place: near Weches, Houston Co., TX 
Burial place: family cemetery on Bennett Farm (location lost), Houston Co., TX 
Father: Levi K. Weeks 
Mother: Louisa Cotton 

CHILD 1: Edward R. (Ed) Bennett 
Birth date: Nov. 1846 
Birth place: Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS 
Death date: 9-9-1924 
Death place: *Houston Co., TX 
Spouse: Mattie Louisa (Lois)–Born/Died: 1854-abt. 1924 
Marriage Date: abt 1875 
Marriage Place: 

CHILD 2: Henry Harvey (Harve) Bennett 
Birth date: September 1847 
Birth place: MS 
Death date: February 08, 1918 
Death place: Houston Co., TX 
Spouse: Harriett Pate (1857-1939) 
Marriage Date: abt. 1871 
Marriage Place: probably Houston Co., or Anderson Co., TX 

CHILD 3: Mary Elizabeth Bennett 
Birth date: 1851 
Birth place: MS
Death date: September 24, 1948 
Death place: 
Spouse: Samuel Jackson 
Marriage Date: 
Marriage Place: 

CHILD 4: John Weeks Bennett 
Birth date: September 16, 1853 
Birth place: Madison Co., MS 
Death date: June 10, 1936 
Death place: Tom Greene Co., TX 
Spouse: Ella Goode (1861-1939) 
Marriage Date: 
Marriage Place: 

CHILD 5: Malinda Josephine (Fenny) Bennett 
Birth date: March 1854 
Birth place: Homer, Angelina Co., TX 
Death date: 1935 
Death place: Bosque Co., TX 
Marriage Date: 
Marriage Place: 

CHILD 6: Louise Amanda (Lou) Bennett 
Birth date: November 16, 1859 
Birth place: Weches, Houston Co., TX 
Death date: March 14, 1936 
Death place: Bosque Co., TX 
Marriage Date: 
Marriage Place: 

CHILD 7: Francis Marion Bennett 
Birth date: August 02, 1861 
Birth place: Clifton, Bosque Co., TX
Death date: May 02, 1940 
Death place: Clifton, Bosque Co., TX 
Spouse: Mary Riggs (Mollie) Newell (1873-1939) 
Marriage Date: April 01, 1897 
Marriage Place: Houston Co., TX 

CHILD 8: Julia Ophelia Bennett 
Birth date: 1863 
Birth place: Weches, Houston Co., TX 
Death date: 1908 
Death place: 
Spouse: John Crockett (Jack) Wolf 
Marriage Date: October 30, 1884 
Marriage Place: Coryell Co., TX 

CHILD 9:  Charlotte Susan Bennett 
Birth date: March 1867 
Birth place: Weches, Houston Co., TX 
Death date: 1957 
Death place: Bosque Co., TX 
Spouse: John Henry Myers 
Marriage Date: December 03, 1904 
Marriage Place: Bosque Co., TX 

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NOTES: *Ed Bennett was living in Bosque Co. TX at the time of his death but was visiting with relatives in Houston Co., TX when he died. NOTES: The birth year for Daniel Berry Bennett had different listings on every census and a different date on  his tombstone.  I am
taking the birth year from his 1850 census records as the most accurate date.  The 1850, 1860 & 1870 census records state he was born LA; later census records say he was born MS.   The Daniel B. Bennett family left Mississippi 1853 and were in Angelina Co., TX in
1854. They settle on a farm near the Neches River in Houston Co. TX by 1859.  The nearest town was Weches located about 21 miles east of the city of Crockett, TX.    Family stories tell about their visiting back and forth with relatives that had settled in Bosque Co., TX.  It is unknown to this researcher who these relatives were.   TEXAS BIRTHS of children:  A child is born to this family in 1854 at Angelina Co, TX; 1859 Houston Co., TX; 1861 at Bosque County, TX; all following children are born in Houston Co., TX.   After the death of Daniel Bennett’s wife, Nancy Weeks-Bennett, Daniel left the Houston County, TX farm and moved to Bosque County, TX (along with his children that were still living at home).    Some of his children that had married and either had their own farms or were living on the original old home place in Houston County visited often with the Bosque County Bennett’s.  Some of the grandchildren of Daniel Bennett lived with him at his Bosque County home at different times.   I would appreciate any information concerning ancestors or descendants of this BENNETT line.  Billie Nichols-Bennett .