Arthur Worrell

The following was taken from the September 1943 issue of “Beam-Hondo A.A.F.N.S. Weekly, published by special services, Hondo, TX, under the heading of “Air Scoop”.

Son of William Byston & Katie Leola (Herring) WORRELL

Our character was born on Valentine’s Day, 1918, on a farm near Iredell, Bosque County, Texas.  For the first sixteen years he was an ardent cultivator of pigs, chickens, horses and cattle. Upon graduating from the business school of John Tarleton College at Stephenville, Texas, he became secretary librarian and assistant teacher of Agriculture there. Later he was appointed bursar of the school and manager of the boys’ dormitory. In Jan. of 1941 he accepted a position at Kelly Field and in 1942 was selected to become principal clerk of the Hondo Sub-Depot Supply. His hobby during college days was amateur radio and the delivering of messages to parents from homesick freshmen. It’s small wonder that he thinks his hobby so fascinating. Over an amateur mike in 1938 he made his first date with a blond co-ed. In 1942 he married the co-ed. Arthur’s present hobbies are cooking and “assigning people to the graveyard shift”. His pleasantness, initiative and conscientiousness have made him an able president for the Welfare Association.