Oly Grimland and Children

The man standing in front of the white horses is Ole Grimland, some of his family is in
the wagon.  What I would like the listers to do if they can is identfy where this photo was taken.  The
date on the building at the right is 1898.  We thought it was in lampasas but that has been ruled out.  Someone thought it might be meridan, another thought Iredell.  At one time Ole had a freight line between Clifton and Lampasas.  Don’t know if this has anything to do with it.
Also do you think any of the lister might have photo’s of Norse in it hayday?  I would love
to see some of those

This is a picture of Ole Grimland and his children.  Ole is standing by the horse and the children as well behaved, as children are, in the wagon.  We assume this was taken in Lampasas, as that is where the children were
raised.  This photo was found among a Great-Aunt photo after her death.