James Jefferson Davis

This picture was taken about 1900. 

James Jefferson DAVIS, sitting, 
b. 27 July 1861, d.July 15, 1950. 

Martha Gandy was born about
1837 in Tennessee.  Her father, 
James D. GANDY & children migrated to Ouachita Co., AR after she was born.  Martha first married a man by the name of WARD about 1856. They had 2 children, Mary E. WARD, born 28 APR 1854 & Commodore Daley, born 12 NOV 1857.  In 1860, she married A DAVIS.  He had 3 children by a previous marriage, Henry, Wingfield and Young DAVIS.  They had an only child, James Jefferson DAVIS, born 27 JUL 1861.  In early, 1862, reasons unknown, Martha and A. DAVIS died. A single father with the help of his children, James D. GANDY took his grandchildren Mary, Commodore & James into his house to raise. They eventually moved to Meridian, Texas about 1869.  These 3 grandchildren were raised as GANDYs.  Most of the GANDYs lived in or around Meridian. James Jefferson DAVIS later settled in Iredell, Texas, marrying Martha E. SANDERS about 1883.  It is believed, Martha E. SANDERS’ grandparents 
were John T. and Celia SANDERS.  James and Martha DAVIS had 9 children by this marriage.  Pictured are him and his 4 boys, all 4 of them born in Bosque Co., TX.
Donated by:  Bernie ALSUP
Grandson of
James Jefferson DAVIS. 
Photo donated by:
 Jerry Edison DAVIS, 
Grandson of Robert Lee Davis.