Isaac Gary

Isaac C. GARY 
(01 NOV 1816–27 MAY 1897)
1st Tax Assessor of Bosque Co., TX; Besides his vocation as a farmer, Isaac organized a small school for children in the lower Bosque River Valley, & was one of the 1st teachers in this new territory.  Family lore states that he is remembered as having served in an informal capacity to his fellow citizens on legal & government matters.

Susan Ellen McCURRY
(MAR 1825–13 SEP 1884)
Daughter of William McCURRY, the builder of Bosque Co., TX, 1st courthouse.  She survived, along with her 2 small children, an Indian attack, at their home on Neil’s Creek, Bosque Co., TX.  They moved to Meridian, Tx soon after the attack.
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