Sarah Virginia Fox Faggard born 3/27/1845 in Louisiana and died 5/15/1919 in 
Iredell, Bosque County, Texas 
James Washington Faggard (Back  standing) born 12/10/1844 in Baldwin County, 
Alabama and died 3/11/1899 in Iredell, Bosque County.  James was a farmer in 
Bosque County. Served in the Civil War.  His daughter recounts an event where 
her dad was shot in the knee with a poisoned arrow by Indians and was always 
slightly crippled after that.  Sarah and James were married in 1864 in Bosque County though no paperwork has been found to support this. 
John McLain Faggard (forward sitting) brother to James born 8/25/1849 in Choctaw County, Alabama and died 3/5/1912 Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico. 
Malissa Jane Fox Faggard 8/20/1850 or 1851 in Nachitoches, Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana and died 3/31/1925 in Holliday, Archer County, Texas. John and Malissa married on 2/2/1871 in Walnut Springs, Bosque County, Texas.
James and Sarah Faggard are buried in Riverside Cemetery and supposedly Sarah 
lived in the house directly across from the cemetery.  I would like to prove that.  It would be neat.  I took a picture of the house when I was there and the old cistern and the chimney are definitely old. 
John and Malissa are buried in Portales City Cemetery in New Mexico 
John and Malissa have two infants buried in Riverside.  John Henry Faggard 
and Lieuola Virginia Faggard
Donated By:  Susan REEDY