This is a photo taken about 1937.  It’s 4 generations.  The woman is Sarah Ellen Rainbolt Craddock (1861-1940).  The man on the left is her son, Thomas Buckner Craddock (1882-1958).  The younger man is his son, Thomas Parker Craddock, Sr. (1911-1965).  The baby girl is his oldest daughter, Adrienne Martella Craddock (b. 1935).
Sarah married John David Craddock in Bosque Co., in 1877.  Thomas Buckner Craddock was born in Cayote, Bosque Co.  He married Cora Dale Parker in Hill Co., in 1909.  Thomas Parker Craddock was born in Hill Co., and Adrienne was born in Live Oak County.
Donated by:  Barbara PIKE