Alfred Lyles Family

My name is Cynthia (Casey) Perkins-Harrell and my great grandparents were Alfred Taylor Lyles born 01/01/1852 in Cold Spring Shelby County, Illinois and his wife was Julius Francis (Fanny  Weathers-Lyles and
she was born 05/04/1869 in Lee County, Texas.  
Alfred Taylor & Julius Francis (Fanny)  wed 06/03/1886 in Lexington Lee County, Texas.
Alfred & Fanny has 9 children born to their union.  This picture is of Alfred, Fannie holding
baby Irvin, space is where my grandmother Mamie Artie Lyles would have
stood, Clara Winnie, Zella Priscella, Irene Elvira, Denson standing in front of their “homeplace”
in Lexington Lee County, Texas.
Mamie Artie Lyles born 07/22/1888 and died 03/22/1926
Eunice was born 05/19/1890 and died 07/21/1890. 
Clara Winnie Lyles was born 04/03/1892 and died 10/14/1981
Zella Priscella was born 10/30/1895 and died 04/22/1970
Burt was born 10/23/1895 and died 01/07/1896
Irene Elvira was born 07/19/1897 and died unknown
Clarence was born 06/10/1899 and died 07/22/1899
Denson was born 06/02/1900 and died unknown
Irvin was born 10/30/1909 and died unknown
Mamie Artie Lyles married Daniel Richard Lunsford and my mother Fanny Lee 
Em Lunsford was their 7th child.