John Harvey Williams

Husband’s Name:  John Harvey WILLIAMS
        Born: 26 MAR 1861          Place:  Tyson, Hill Co., TX
        Married: Hill Co., TX         Place:
        Died: 21 MAY 1917           Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried:                                Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Father:  Robert Knight WILLIAMS
        Mother: Mary Jane TAPSCOTT
        Other Spouses:
Wife’s Name:  Laura Ida BESSIRE
        Born: 17 JAN 1868                       Place:  Pery Canton, Bern, Switzerland
        Died: 02 MAR 1889                     Place:  Hill Co., TX
        Buried: Old Lebanon Cemetary   Place:  Hill Co., TX
        Father:  Peter Henry BESSIRE
        Mother:  Elise GROSJEAN
        Other Spouses:
1. Name:  Laura Ethel WILLIAMS
        Born: 20 SEP 1886                                      Place:  Hill Co., TX
        Married:                                                        Place:
        Died:  22 FEB 1967                                      Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Buried:  Fairview Cemetary                         Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s): Pleasant Mentus McMILLAN  Born/Died: 22 DEC 1881/3 MAY 1950
2. Name:  Manilla WILLIAMS
        Born: 30 JUL 1898                  Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Married: 18 APR 1923            Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Died: SEP 1977                       Place:  Erath Co., TX
        Buried:                                     Place:
        Spouse(s): Elmer ALLISON   Born/Died:  27 AUG 1896/APR 1984
3. Name:  David Collis WILLIAMS
        Born: 1900                                  Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Married: 20 JUN 1926               Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Died: 1967                                  Place: Near Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried: Meridian Cemetary      Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s): Maria Emma Elizabeth GRIMM    Born/Died:  15 FEB 1909/16 FEB 1999
4. Name:  Robert Kirk WILLIAMS
        Born: 09 SEP 1902             Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Married:                              Place:
        Died: JUL 1949                  Place:
        Buried:                                Place:
        Spouse(s):                           Born/Died:
5. Name:  Mona Jemima WILLIAMS
        Born: 22 MAY 1905                           Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Married: ca1923                                  Place:
        Died:  FEB 1985                                 Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried:  Meridian Cemetary              Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s): Burney WARREN, Sr.     Born/Died:  ? SEP 1899/1987
6. Name:  Zoe Beck WILLIAMS
        Born: 18 JAN 1908                                  Place:  Near Cayote,  Bosque Co., TX
        Married:  abt. 1926                                   Place:  ? Texas
        Died: 29 MAR 1934                                 Place:  Kilgore, TX
        Buried: Meridian Cemetery                     Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s): Charlie Everett MALONE    Born/Died: 30 SEP 1900/08 OCT 1953
7. Name:  Joe H. WILLIAMS
        Born: 20 FEB 1910                         Place:  Near Cayote, Bosque Co., TX
        Married: 11 NOV 1939                   Place:
        Died: 26 SEP 1974                          Place:  Meridian, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried: Meridian Cemetary           Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s): Irene O. PARSONS     Born/Died: 02 APR 1907/20 JUN 1987
8. Name:  Infant Daughter WILLIAMS
        Born: 02 JUN 1913               Place:  Near Cayote, Bosque Co., TX
        Married:                                 Place:
        Died: 02 JUN 1913               Place:  Near Cayote, Bosque Co., TX
        Buried: Fairview Cemetary  Place:  Bosque Co., TX
        Spouse(s):                             Born/Died:

I have completed a record search on John Harvey J.H. Williams. He was a member of woodmen of the world. His date of birth is March 26,1861 and date of death is May 21,1917. The certificate was issued on July 23, 1912 at the age of 51. His occupation was farmer and he lived in Meridian, Texas at that time. Since the death certificate was paid on this certificate, the application for
membership and the death certificate are no longer a part of our records.
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organization,please access our web site:
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2 Birth and Death dates from Social Security Information.  463-10-6391.