April 10, 2002

  By:  LaDawn Garland
10 April 2002

This week Jim Culver of Austin contributed a wonderful biography he has
written on his grandfather. It is so wonderul to see someone preserving
their family history in these wonderful stories. A sister of my grandmother
married into this Adkison family, so I really enjoyed having this sent in.
Please be sure to send in your stories, memories, queries and family reunion
information for Bosque County, they will be included here in the newspaper
column and online as well. Good luck to everyone in their family research.

Biography of Roy Adkison
Roy Adkison was born 24 September 1895 on a farm between Iredell and Hico,
TX. He was not given a middle name at birth, but he later noticed that his
other siblings had one (his sister had two). So, he gave himself Lee as a
middle name. He registered for the draft, for social security, and used the
name when he got married. Thereafter, he was known as Roy Lee Adkison.

Roy was a farmer and laborer who served in World War I. He registered for
the WWI draft at Hico, Bosque, TX as a white male born 24 Sept 1895.

His family lived in Bosque County, near Hico, Texas. In 1917 he married Cleo
Hazel Murphey of Coleman. His first three children were born near Hico
between 1918 and 1924. The family later moved to Lamesa and their twins Fay
and Ray were born there in 1926. Then they moved from Lamesa to Fort Worth,
Texas in 1927 on Panola Street. In 1930 the family moved from Panola Street
in Fort Worth to 804 Perkins in the same city. Their last child, Ellie Lewis
was born in Fort Worth in 1932. They lived at the Perkins Street house
during WWII and until Roy’s retirement in the mid-50’s from the U.S. Postal

His son Roy Lee, Jr. was killed in World War II in 1942 aboard the USS
Enterprise. When Roy Jr. was killed, Roy joined the Seabees and served until
the war’s end. Witness this newspaper article quotation.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Father Signs Up to Avenge Son Killed in Battle R.L. Adkison Jr., seaman
second class was killed in action in the Solomon Islands August 24th. Since
that time his whole family at 804 Perkins has been getting fighting mad.
This week, R.L. Sr., whose age isn’t far from the Navy’s top limit of 50
years, did something about it. He quit the mail carrier’s job he’s held for
15 years and enlisted in the Navy. He’s been sworn in the Seebees as a
seaman first class and will begin active duty when called. Meanwhile he’s
anxious for his two sons, 15 and 10, to get old enough for the Navy. R.L.
Jr, he says, needs avenging.

Roy’s wife Cleo Hazel (Murphey) Adkison died in 1952. After his retirement
from the US Postal Service, he married Lola Mae Lasswell of Iredell, TX and
soon thereafter they moved back to Iredell, Texas where he and Lola lived
until their deaths in 1982. They lived in a red brick home that was next to
the church and caddy corner across the street form the Riverside Cemetery.

Roy died in February of 1982 with services held at the Iredell Baptist
Church where he and Lola were members. He was buried with is first wife in
Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, TX. Lola died a few months later in July
of 1982. She is buried with her first husband, Peter Thomas Lasswell, in
Riverside Cemetery. She and Peter share one large headstone, but they died
35 years apart.

Roy’s father was Charles Lewis Adkison who was born in 1866 in Desha County,
Arkansas. Charles’ father, Hampton Peter Adkison, was born in Saline County,
Illinois in 1817. Hampton died in Bosque Co., TX in 1895 and is buried in
the Hico Cemetery. Hampton moved to Arkansas after his first wife Elizabeth
Shults died. There he met Mary Jane Parker. Hamp and Mae, as they were
called, were married on 18 March 1858 in Desha County, Arkansas.

Hampton had seven children by Elizabeth. Other than Nancy Roevinia Adkison,
there is not much evidence of what happened to the other children of the
first marriage after they arrived in Texas. Mary was born about 1843 in
Desha County, Arkansas, the first child of five, to Elias and Marian Parker.
She had nine children; the first five born in Desha County, AR and the last
four born in Bosque County, TX. She died in Hico, TX some time after 1907.

Charles Lewis Adkison had six children by his first wife Julia J. Arrington.
Julie was born 11 February 1870, the second of twelve children, to Alfred
Marion Arrington and Emily Jane Doyle. Alfred was from Alabama and Emily was
from Rome, Floyd Co., GA, where they were married on 3 December 1867. Alfred
died in 1914 and his daughter Julia died in 1901. So, Emily lived with
Charles and helped raise the children for several years. Emily died on 13
February 1939 in Lamesa, TX.

Charles second married Inez Blair Acrey in 1904 and they had eight children
together, all born in Bosque County. Charles and his father Hampton both
lived on farms between Iredell in Bosque Co. and Hico in Hamilton Co. Their
mailing address was Hico; so many records indicate Hico or Hamilton, even
though they lived in Bosque County. In his obituary, his name is incorrectly
spelled AdkiNson.

C.L. Adkinson Obituary (18 November 1943, from the Iredell Newspaper I
Mr. Charles Louis (Lewis) Adkinson was born October 26, 1866 in the state of
Arkansas, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Adkinson. He moved at an early date to
Texas with his parents, settling at Iredell. When a young, man he was
converted and joined the Baptist church, and remained a member until the
time of his death. He was united in marriage to Miss Julia Arrington, and to
this union six children were born, two of whom with their mother preceded
him in death.

He was married to Miss Kenny Acrey Sept. 4, 1904, and to this union eight
children were born, two of whom preceded their father in death. Mr. Adkinson
died Nov. 18, 1943, being 77 years and 22 days of age. He had many friends
here as he had lived here for many years. He was well liked by all, was a
good old man, tried to do all the good he could. He was of a friendly turn,
would speak to one and all. He would go to town most every day, which he
enjoyed doing, and also enjoyed church services. He is missed very much by
his wife, children and friends. He lived out his days. God called him and he
went home to rest forever more.
He was a good husband and father. Besides the widow of Iredell, he is
survived by three sons, Ray (Roy) of Fort Worth, U.S. Navy; Earl of
California, and Earnest of the U.S. Navy and seven daughters, Mrs. Kate Ward
of Gatesville, Mrs. Ruby Murphy of Big Spring, Mrs. Nevada Howard of
Iredell, Mrs. Opal Reed and Doris Reed of California; also 28 grandchildren
and eight great grandchildren; and one brother, Andy, of Iredell, and one
sister, Mrs. Delice Spinks of Hico. The funeral was held in the Baptist
church Sunday afternoon in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and

Rev. Cundieff, the pastor, delivered the funeral sermon and paid a beautiful
tribute to the memory of the deceased. The floral offerings were large and
beautiful. Internment was in the Riverside Cemetery. Mrs. Adkinson and
children have the sympathy of their friends, for which they are very lonely
without him. A large crowd of out of town relatives and friends attended the
funeral. All the children attended except the two from California. Mrs.
Doris Reed and Earnest, also of California, came after the funeral. The son
remained a few days, Mrs. Doris Reed is here with her mother, and may remain
till the first of January.

Charlie died in Big Spring Texas while visiting his daughter Ruby, but was
returned to Iredell for burial in Riverside Cemetery.

-Written by Roy’s grandson Jim Culver of Austin

Old News From Around Bosque County
The Bosque Citizen
Thursday, Nov. 10, 1887

Residence Burned
The residence of Mrs. Mary Thompson, near Clifton, was destroyed by fire
Friday evening last including the entire contents. The family were visiting
her son in law, Mr. Arch Anderson at the time and no one being present to
check the flames, the building, furniture, wearing apparel and all valuables
were consumed. Incendiarism is suspected but there is no clew to the
perpetrator. This is a heavy loss to Mrs. Thompson and her children, it is
not doubted that the sympathy of their friends will take tangible shape.

THE CITIZEN regrets to learn of the accidental killing of Mr. Robert Floyd
at Walnut Springs late Tuesday evening by a Mr. Holt of Waco. It seems that
the two young men were out hunting and Mr. Holt’s gun, a small target gun,
was accidentally discharged, the ball entering Mr. Floyd’s forehead just
above the eye.

Mr. L. W. Chase, the leading sheep man of the Cayote neighborhood drives the
prettiest bay team and outfit in the county.

Dr. Joe Kemp came in Monday to preside over the Bosque County Medical
Association. For the third time a quorum was lacking and the doctor declares
himself off. It is supposed Bosque folks are so healthful that the doctors
have concluded they need no further instructions on the treatments of

Valley Mills
Nov. 7 – Ho death has occured here for a long time that has been as
unanimously deplored as that of Lee Sears. Only a short time has lapsed
since in the vigor and health of young manhood he left his home for a term
of school at Dublin, Texas. He was liked and loved by all, none held out a
hand to him in search of aid or friendship in vain. His remains were brought
here for enterment and the funeral on Monday was the largest ever at Valley
Mills. His father and step-mother, Mr. and Mrs. J L Sears were both in
Dublin when he died of Typhoid fever.

Morgan Items
Mr and Mrs. A J Cooper went to Hico Thursday to attend the funeral of their
son in law, Mr. Jim Stovall who died Wednesday night.

Thursday was the natal day of Miss Mollie Moseley and Miss Anna Hawkins and
on that night a reception was tendered them at the residence of Captain

Be sure to visit the Bosque County site at
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The Bosque County Collection in Meridian has a treasure trove of history
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through the years, census, death and marriage records to the old deeds.
There is sure to be something there for every researcher, for more
information visit their website at http://www.htcomp.net/bcc

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