The Old Mill

1927 – The Old Mill – Volume 5
Clifton High School
Clifton, Bosque County, Texas

   Submitted by Edward L. Williams

Dedication To Mr. Tom C. Parks, who has so unselfishly given the fruit of fourteen years of hones toil to advance Clifton High School, giving therein a priceless gift to use in our education, and who, during our association with him, has presented to us an excellent example of true Christian modesty that will assist to guide our life correctly on its journey.  During these years, as president of the Board of Education, he has been our friend and encouraged all our school activities.  To him we gratefully and respectfully dedicate this volume of  “The Old Mill.”

Staff Grace Gilliam – Editor-in-Chief
Tomie Joe Harris – Assistant Editor
Alice Gohlke – Assistant Editor
B. Hutcherson – Athletic Editor
Robert Baldridge – Assistant Athletic Editor
Bruce Parks – Business Manager
Joseph Dahl – Assistant Business Manager
Wilma Parks – Activities
Evelyn Orbeck – Humor
Carolyn Pederson – Art

Board of Education
W. W. Windham – Secretary
A. G. Gilliam
Tom C. Parks – President
B. S. Hill
John Cowan

W. D. Raley – Superintendent; Latin and Chemistry
M. E. Jones – Principal; Coach; Science and Civics
Mrs. Ora Lee Bettis – Mathematics; Latin; faculty Adviser for Annual
J. A. Dowdle – History; Assistant Coach
Miss Gabie Sue Carpenter – English
Miss Lillian Burleson – Home Economics
Miss Lenora Raines – Glee Club

Senior Class Class Colors: Gold and White
Class Flower: Shasta Daisy
Class Motto: We shall be heard from yet
President – Robert Hurst
Vice-President – Joseph Dahl
Secretary – Grace Gilliam
Reporter – Harry Womack

Grace Gilliam – “Dadee”
Bruce Parks – “Kewpie”
Alice Gohlke – “Spiffin”
Carolyn Pederson – “Carrie”
Robert Hurst – “Rosie”
Odessa Patterson – “Dessie”
Mildred Solberg – “Baby”
Joseph Dahl – “Jelly”
Leta Thomas – “Angel”
Ben Hutcherson – “Fatty”
Frances Solberg – “Maggie”
Ewell Mitchell – “Music”
Karl Lovelady – “Charlie”
Mabel Oswald – “May”
George Schulze – “Screen-door”
Ione Bryan – “Brown Eyes”
Tomie Joe Harris – “Baldy”
Eleanor Dittrich – “Blondie”

Mayme Glass – “B”
Harry Womack – “Hairbreadth”
Jennie Mae Storie – “Jenny”
Helen Thompson – “Tom”
Percy Thompson – “Perk”
Adeline Bronstad – “Jean”
James Grimland – “Pup”
Aleda Sellars – “One-Hundred”
Cleo Duke – “Shine”
Ella Isensee – “Dusty”
Jimmie Nelson – “Jim”
Hildegard Isensee – “Goldie”
Ollie Mae Lambert – “Madie”
Luther Lambert – “Doc”
Leta Vickrey – “Vic”
Anna Mae Westley – “Ann”
Mozelle Thompson – “Da Da”

Junior Class Class Colors: Silver and Old Rose
Class Flower: Sweet Pea
Class Motto: “No Prize Without a Struggle”
President – Robert Baldridge
Vice President – Joseph Cowen
Secretary – Dorothy Rea
Reporter – Lloyd Lane
Class Favorites:
Prettiest Girl – Ruby Gloff
Most Popular Girl – Maybell Allcorn
Most Popular Boy – Joseph Cowen
Best All-round Boy – Robert Baldridge

Members: Griffin
Schulze, Oleta
Schulze, Othila
Parks, W.
Parks, H.

Sophomore Class
Class Colors: Blue and Gold
Class Flower: Sweet Pea
Class Motto: “We Can Because We Think We Can”
President – Alfred Jenson
Vice-President – Curtis Langston
Secretary-Treasurer – Wilma Parks
Reporter – Ruth Mooney
Class Favorites:
Prettiest Girl – Wilma Parks
Most Popular Girl – Nora Belle Biffle
Most Popular Boy – Vernon Howard
Best All-round Boy – Alfred Jenson

Alexander, Bonnie
Alfie, Cliffie
Biffle, Nora Belle
Canuteson, Dora Mae
Canuteson, Emma
Cash, Emma
Clement, Weldon
Coston, Ralph
Dahl, Warren Curtis
Duke, Jimmie
Finstad, Houston
Forson, Margaret
Fort, Isla Ruth
Griffin, George Lee
Harris, Baley
Hill, Jane Marie
Howard, Vernon
Jeanes, J. C.
Jeanes, Louis
Jeanes, Alfred
Jenson, Clifford
Land, Margaret
Lane, Leon
Lange, Hattie
Langston, Curtis
Larson, Clarence
Larson, Ledar
Lovelady, Tommy
McFadden, Andrew
Mooney, Ruth
Parks, Wilma
Polk, Beach
Polk, Gerald
Railsback, Pearl
Raines, Ida
Schow, Ruby
Surlay, Louis
Tennison, Lillian
Vickrey, Vera

Freshman Class
Class Colors: Pink and Green
Class Flower: Pink Rosebud
Class Motto: “We Can Do More Good by Being Good Than in Any Other Way”
President – Oscar Westley
Vice-President – Willis Windham
Secretary – Velma Helton
Reporter – Mary Coston
Class Favorites:
Prettiest Girl – Evelyn Orbeck
Most Popular Girl – Mollie Nelson
Most Popular Boy – Oscar Westley
Best All-round Boy – Willis Windham

Anderson, Mardelle
Aars, Carrie
Anderson, Troy
Bronstad, Oliver
Buck, D. M.
Clement, Ruth
Coston, Mary
Dahl, Chlorinda
Elrod, Gussie
Evans, Lillie Belle
Findley, Sibyl
Garret, Barney
Harris, George
Helton, Velma
Janes, Mildred
Jenkins, Harold
Jenson, Erma
Lane, Ralph
Landgraf, Olga
Lange, Laura
Lambert, Claris
Larson, Clarence
Manske, Velma
McCoy, Wilson
McFadden, Ruby
McFadden, Julian
Mooney, Dudley
Nelson, Molly
Orbeck, Evelyn
Patterson, Ellon
Pederson, Oscar
Seljos, Rudolph
Sellars, J. L.
Schulze, Charles
Solberg, Alton
Shipp, Mae
Standefer, Rex
Swenson, Oliver
Waldrop, Chester
Watson, Archie
Westley, Oscar
Windham, Willis

Joseph Dahl
Willis Windham
George Harris
M. E. Jones – Coach
John H. Janes
Floyd Moffatt
Joseph Cowen
Chester Waldrop
Selmer Anderson
Karl Lovelady
Harry Womack
George Schulze
Robert Baldridge
Robert Hurst
Tommy Lovelady
Clifford Jenson
Ewell Mitchell
Bruce Parks
Earl Schow
Ben Hutcherson (capt)
Wilce Griffin
Reginald Gaston
Harold Jenkins
Mart 0 – Clifton 0
Hico 0 – Clifton 41
Gatesville 6 – Clifton 19
Valley Mills 6 – Clifton 20
McGregor 24 – 0
Meridian 0 – Clifton 6
Hico 0 – Clifton 39
Valley Mills 0 – Clifton 20
Hamilton 20 – Clifton 6
Meridian 0 – Clifton 12
Total 56 – 163

Boy’s Basketball
Willis Windham – Forward
Floyd Moffat – Standing Guard
James Grimland – Center
Reginald Gaston – Forward
Bruce Parks – Standing Guard
Mr. Jones – Coach
Harry Womack – Running Guard
Tomie Joe Harris – Standing Guard (Capt)
Karl Lovelady – Center
Robert Baldridge – Forward
Joseph Dahl – Forward
Cranfills Gap 8 – Clifton 18
Smithbend 3 – Clifton 28
Crawford 27 – Clifton 23
Valley Mills 3 – Clifton 38
Mosheim 13 – Clifton 5
Meridian High 6 – Clifton 18
McGregor 12 – Clifton 18
McGregor 16 – Clifton 25
Crawford 20 – Clifton 28
Valley Mills 6 – Clifton 21
Waco 29 – Clifton 25
Mosheim 16 – Clifton 14
Morgan 24 – Clifton 23
Smithbend 12 – Clifton 13
Meridian College 28 – Clifton 22
Meridian College 8 – Clifton 33
Clifton College 7 – Clifton 8
Clifton College 16 – Clifton 14
Meridian High 9 – Clifton 31
Meridian College 11 – Clifton 15
Meridian College 34 – Clifton 24
Waco 29 – Clifton 18
Total – 337 – 444

Girl’s Basketball Ruth Townley – Guard
Adeline Bronstad – Guard
Mayme Glass – Guard
Miss Caldwell – Coach
Jennie Mae Storie – Running Center
Mozelle Thompson – Jumping Center
Frances Solberg – Center
Mollie Nelson – Guard
Florene Stanhiser – Forward
L. A. Windham – Forward
Anna Mae Westley – Forward (Capt)

Tennis Boy’s Doubles:
Earl Schow
Robert Hurst
Boys’ Singles:
Robert Baldridge
Girls’ Doubles:
Jennie Mae Storie
Ione Bryan
Girls’ Singles:
Aleda Sellars

J. A. Dowdle – Coach    

Track Team
Karl Lovelady – High Jump; 880 yd run
Robert Baldridge – 100 yd., 220 yd. dash; mile relay
Harry Womack – High jump; shot; 440 yd. dash; mile relay
Tomie Joe Harris – Broad jump; javelin; 440 yd. dash; mile relay
William Parks – Mile Relay
James Grimland – Broad jump; javelin
Floyd Moffatt – High jump; broad jump; shot; pole vault
Bruce Parks – 100 yd. dash; 220 yd dash
Joseph Dahl – Pole vault
Ewell Mitchell – 220 yd dash; discus
Willis Windham – Half-mile run
Aubrey Palmer – Half-mile run
Reginald Gaston – Mile Run
Selmer Anderson – Mile Run; discus
George Schulze – Discus
Elton J. Fort – Half-mile run
Ben Hutcherson – Shot; javelin

Robert Hurst (Capt) – Catcher
Robert Baldridge – Short Stop
Willis Windham – Third-Base
Harry Womack – Second Base
Reginald Gaston – First Base
Jim Nelson – Pitcher
Bruce Parks – Left-Field
James Grimland – Pitcher and Fielder
Floyd Moffatt – Pitcher and Fielder
Gatesville 12 – Clifton 4
Waco 4 – Clifton 4
Meridian 7 – Clifton 5
Gatesville 5 – Clifton 18
Waco 14 – Clifton 6
Meridian 2 – Clifton 3