Ison Chrisholm Walling

Submitted by:  Cathy Shelley

Hillsboro Weekly Mirror Wed. March 29,1916
Isom Chrisholm Walling was born in Nacogdoches County, Texas May 3,1842 and died at the home of his niece, Mrs.Jessie Greenwade, of Walling Bend, March 20th 1916.  Mr. Walling was a son of Col.Jesse Walling, for whom Walling Bend was named, and was himself an ex-Confederate soldier, having sered thru the war as a member of Company C 3rd Texas Cavalry. He married in 1
865 to Miss Mary Griffin, a sister of Dr. J.M.Griffin, one of the earliet settlers of Hill County, who die more than forty years ago.  Two children survive him, Mrs.Mollie DeShazo of San Angelo and A.C.Walling of Hillsboro, with whom he made his home and who together with his wife as at the bedside during his illness.  Mr. Walling had gone on a visit to his niece, Mrs.Greenwade, when he was taken sick with pneumonia which resulted in his death. He was buried in the family burial ground at Walling Bend. The services were conducted by the Rev.T. McCauley pastor of the Christian church, of which he was a consistant member for more than twenty years.  Thus has passed away a kindly Christian gentleman and a brave Southern soldier, who lived to see almost all of his early friends and comrades answer the final summons. “come up higher”
*Note: Since he was buried in Walling Bend Cemetery
he was moved to Whitney Cemetery when they put the lake in.