Erath Appeal 1899-1900

A Few references to  Bosque County and it’s residents in the

Stephenville, Erath Co., Texas

Nov. 23, 1899
Rev. G. H. Hodge, of Morgan, called to the pulpit of the Stephenville
Methodist church and will preach here next sunday night.

July 27, 1899
Miss Ora Day, of Morgan, is visiting Miss Cordie Pendleton and is assisting
the choir at the Methodist Church.
Rev. Mr. Hodges, of Morgan, is assisting Mr. Wallace and is an able speaker.

August 3, 1899
N. A. Smith of Pizzaro, was visiting in Iredell last week.
Mrs. Childress was visiting friends in Iredell last week.

Aug. 17, 1899
Miss Tinnin, of Morgan, is visiting the family of Rev. J. A. Wallace
Rev. John A. Wallace returned from Morgan last Friday.
L. E. Telford and son, Elvin, came by the picnic on their way home from
Walnut Springs.

Aug. 24, 1899
Rev. Solomon Cotson, W. F Williams and Bill Reeder were arrested in Bosque County last week and lodged in the Waco jail, charged with the making and passing of counterfeit money.

Aug. 3, 1899
S. M. Robertson, formerly of this place but now of Morgan, has been in the
city this week.
Misses Ora Day and Annie Tinnin left Wednesday for their homes in Morgan.
While there they have made many friends who will anxiously await another

Aug 2, 1900
T. R. Welch and family are back from a visit to Bosque County. W W Thomason, the popular blacksmith is glad to get his partner back as he has been overrun with work during his absence.

Oct. 18, 1900
A J Burson, editor of the Iredell News, was in the city Monday in attendance
upon district court and paid the Appeal a pleasant visit

Sept. 14, 1899
The trial of Ed Burrow for killing R. M. Conley is set for Sept. 25th at
Dorsey Haley, of Walnut Springs, was in the city buying land this week.

Dec. 28, 1899
C. C. Anderson is spending the holidays in Iredell.

Nov. 23, 1899
E. B. Robertson that popular Meridian lawyer, was attending court here this

Nov 23, 1899
Rev. C H Hodge, of Morgan has been called to the pulpit of Stephenville
Methodist church and will preach here next Sunday and Sunday night.

Dec. 17, 1899
Attorney Sanders and G W Watson attended Cumberland Presbyterian Presbytery in Meridian last week.Jan 18, 1899
Bosque county has several well developed cases of small pox not far from