William K Holmes

Family Group Record
Submitter by:  Janelle Holmes
Husband: William K. HOLMES

       Birth: Nov 1826       Tennessee
      Census: Oct 1850       Williamson Township, Milam County, Texas
      Census: Feb 1851       South Fork American River, El Dorado
County, California
      Living: 1854           on the Blanco River, Comal County, Texas
    Tax List: 1855           Comal County, Texas
    Tax List: 1856           on Rio Blanco, Comal County, Texas
      Signed: Feb 1856       Petition for State to build road from San
Marcos to Fredericksburg
      Census: 1860           Clapps Creek, Leon County, Texas
      Census: 11 Jun 1880    ED 9, Bosque County, Texas
      Living: abt 1892       Eastland County, Texas
      Census: 11 Jun 1900    Justice Precinct 2, Bosque County, Texas
    Tax List: 1907           Bosque County, Texas
       Death: bet 1907-1910  Nacona, Montague County, Texas
         AKA:                Marvin William or William Marvin Holmes
    Marriage: 1854
      Father: HOLMES

Wife: Frances “Fannie or Molly?”  BLASSINGAME
       Birth: May 1837       Alabama or Arkansas
      Living: 1857           Leon County, Texas
      Census: 7 Sep 1860     Clapps Creek, Leon County, Texas
       Death: bef 1912
      Father: Woodson ^ BLASSINGAME (b abt 1798)
      Mother: Mary “Polly”^ (b abt Sep 1806)

 1 F Mary E(Elizabeth?) “Betty” HOLMES
       Birth: aft Jun 1856   prob. Comal County, Texas
      Census: 7 Sep 1860     Clapps Creek, Leon County, Texas
      Census: 11 Jun 1880    Bosque County, Texas
      Spouse: James Berry “Jim” DILLARD (m 23 Dec 1880)

 2 F Sarah Caroline HOLMES
       Birth: abt 1857       prob. Leon County, Texas
      Spouse: John A. J. MC CRAREY (m 1 Aug 1875)

 3 M Jonathan L. HOLMES
       Birth: abt Jan 1860   prob. Leon County, Texas
      Census: 7 Sep 1860     Texas
       Death: prob. died yo  prob. Leon County, Texas

 4 M William Woodson “Bill” ?^ HOLMES
       Birth: 9 Mar 1862     Clapps Creek, Leon County, Texas
      Living: bet 1894-1896  Bosque County, Texas
      Living: bet 1896-1898  Eastland County, Texas
      Living: bet 1898-1900  Throckmorton County, Texas
      Census: 1900           Precinct #2, Throckmorton County, Texas
      Living: bet 1902-1904  Bosque County, Texas
      Living: bet 1905-1934  Coleman, Coleman County, Texas
      Census: 1910           Coleman County, Texas
       Death: 30 Jan 1934    Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas
      Burial: 31 Jan 1934    Coleman City Cemetery, Coleman County,
      Living: by 1905        Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas
  Occupation: until Nov. 19  Farmer
Cause of Death:  Hemmorhage, secondary postoperative prostratectomy
      Spouse: Mary Ella ^ HARRIS (m 9 Mar 1892)
 5 M George  D. or T. HOLMES
       Birth: Dec 1863       Texas
      Burial:                Long Branch, Eastland County, Texas
 6 F Frances M. “Fannie” HOLMES
       Birth: abt 1868       Texas
      Spouse: William P. MOSS (m 1 Nov 1891)
 7 F Sinda HOLMES
      Spouse: MARTIN
 8 F Nancy A. HOLMES
       Birth: abt 1870       Texas
      Spouse: Niles I MARTIN (m 31 Oct 1889)
 9 M Jessie? A. HOLMES
       Birth: abt 1872       Texas
Marriage(1): 1900 Census states they had been married 46 years.
General: BLASSENGAMEs  listed in the 1850 Census of Providence, Chambers
County, Alabama:

page 268 BLASSENGAME, Benjamin (also Chambers Co. 1840 p. 214)
                      Elizabeth      (Perry Co.)
                      Evirina         (Lawrence Co.)
p. 269                Thomas       (Chambers Co.)

p. 268, Dwelling 65, Family 65:
                BLASSINGAME, Benjamin,     age 53    Farmer, value
1,000, BP SC
                             Elizabeth         35         NC
                             Franklin          21         GA
                             Jonathan          18         GA
                             William           14         Ala
                             James             12          “
                             Margaret          10          “
                             Austin             6          “
                             Lewis C.           5          “
                             Elizabeth          7          “
                             Augustus           4          “
              MASSINGAME? , Eleanor            20          “

p.267    BLASSENGAME, Thomas                45          KY(19th Dist)
                   Emily                    40          NC
                   Margaret A.              20          Ala
                   Elmira                   15           “
                   Noah T                   12           “
                   Algelina                 10           “
                   George W.                 6           “
                   Elizabeth                 1           “
                   Elvira                   18           “

BLASSINGAME in Clapps Creek, Leon County, Texas 1860 Census:
p. 260 Dwelling 323, Family 323
BLASSINGAME, Mary           age 54          value real $2,500
value                                 pers $2220        bp  Ala
           , George W           32    Farmer           “
           , Luther             24    Wagoner          “
           , William            15                     “
           , Columbus           13  (1 yr of school)   “
           ,  Nancy             11  (1 yr of school)   “

(aslo in next dwelling is WK Holmes with wife Frances born in Ala.)

Birth(2): Family Tree Maker, Vol 4, family Tree # 182 compiled by
?           says he was born 1827 in Tennessee. This conflicts with a
letter from Velma Holmes Bozeman who says he was born in Scotland.

Censuses all show him born in Tennessee, and the 1900 Census shows him
born in Nov. 1826.
Census: In “Garrison” listed as Private in US Army. Age 26
Census: Age 26, listed with a James Green from Missouri.  In Gold Fields
near  Placerville
Living(3): Based on the tax rolls of the counties of Comal, Hays,
Burnet, and Gillespie on file at the State Comptroller’s Office at
Austin, Texas…

         “The following are the first settlers in that part of Comal
County which became a part of Blanco County in 1858 and which remained a
part of  Blanco County in 1862 (when the new County of Kendall came into
being): [among others…] W. K. Holmes came in 1854 to settle on 160
acres of a Preemption land grant on the Rio Blanco.”
Tax List: First appears in Tax list in Comal County.   160 acres of
pre-emptive grant on Blanco River, valued at $80, 1 horse valued at $50.
Total property $130 Tax List: Assessed on 160 acres, valued at $160, 4
horses, valued at $150, 10 cattled, valued at $60, total $370.

Does not appear on 1857 Tax Lists for Comal County, so had probably left
the area and sold the land by then.  This would have been the end of his
3 years to qualify for the Pre-emptive Land grant.
Signed: Petition was filed in May 1856
Census: The WK Holmes, at the dwelling adjacent to a Mary Blassingame,
age 54, probably Mollie’s mother is  listed in the 1860 Census, p. 260,
dwelling 324, family 324:
(Clapps Creek, Leon Co, Texas)
   HOLMES, WK              age 33      Farmer  value real
$2,300                               value pers. $630   b p. Tenn
         , Frances             23                  Ala
           Mary E              5                   Tx
           Sarah C             3                   Tx
           Jno L               8/12                Tx
  WALLACE, J. M.               22        Laborer   Ala

Census: P. 369, Dwelling 210/Family 210
William K. Holmes           53    (b. abt 1827) Farmer bp Tn.Fbp
NC                                                        Mbp    NC
Mary E (daughter)           24    (b. abt 1856) keeping hourse b. Tx
William W.                  18    (b. abt 1862) works on farm  b.
George T?                   15    (b. abt 1865)
Frances M                   12    (b. abt 1868)
Nancy A.                    10    (b abt 1870)
Jessie? A.                  8     (b. abt 1872)

Where was William’s wife Frances?  Possibly at one of her relatives, as
she shows up in the 1900 census. Sarah Caroline was already married by
this time, so would not be shown

 IREDELL, TEXAS. Iredell is at the junction of Farm Roads 927, 216,
and 1238 and State Highway 6, forty-six miles northwest of Waco in
northwestern Bosque County. It began in the late 1850s, when Ward Keeler
and Ranse Walker settled in the vicinity and named the community after
Keeler’s son Ire. A post office opened in 1870. The settlement moved in
1880 from its original location near the Walker homestead to the south
bank of the Bosque River near the Texas Central Railroad station. Later
that year Iredell was destroyed by a flood and rebuilt on higher ground.
In 1884 the population was estimated to be thirty, and by 1892 it had
grown to 600. Iredell was a retail and service center for the
surrounding countryside. In 1931 it had 570 residents and thirty
businesses. In 1961 it had a population of 366. The recorded population
in 1982 was 407. In 1990 it was 339.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: William C. Pool, A History of Bosque County (San Marcos,
Texas: San Marcos Record Press, 1954).

Living: Possibly living in Eastland County when William W. married Mary
Ella Harris.
Census: p. 181
Dwelling 79, family 79
William K. Holmes, b. Nov. 1826    73 years   43 years in
Texas                                                b. Tn,   NC, NC
Francis (sic) wife     b. May 1837     63    ”  m. 46 years
10                            children, 8 living, b. Ark  A   A
Oscar D. (nephew)      b. Oct 1871    28   b. KY Tn,  KY   Farmer
Effie        (niece)   b. Nov 1876    23 m 6 yrs  2 ch. b. KY  KY
Elsie  (Grandniece)    b. Mar 1899     1  (need to check
this,                               miscopied?)  b. KY
Clarence (Grandnephew) b. mar 1899     1   b.  KY
George D. (son)        b. Dec 1863    36   b.  Tx    NC  Ark

Tax List: line 25
W K Holmes   269   680/779   JL Folk (original grantee)   127  value
$1250   2
mules value $150, cattle 14, value $70, 2 ? value $40 (last column)
line 26
WK Holmes    212   239          FT Duffau
183   “
 $875   1horse/mule  “
$40  , cattle 5, value $25,   goats? 8, value $20, 1 : value $8 (these
are the next to last two columns)
 Death(4,5,6,7): According to Velma Holmes Bozeman, he was buried in
Nacoma, “his grave be easy to find.”  However, a search of cemetery
records for Montague County, published up until 1997 showed no Holmes of
any name in either the Brushy Cemetery, near Fruitland, the Old Spanish
Fort Cemetery, the St. Jo Cemetery, the Hopewell Cemetery or the Molsbee
Chapel Cemetery of Nacona, Texas.  It is possible that there is a
separate cemetery for Masons or Odd Fellows and this requires more
investigation in person.

A trip to Nacona in March 1999 and the main cemetery in that town
produced no gravesite for William or Marvin Holmes. A volunteer for
Montague County research was unable to find any record for any Holmes
buried in that cemetery of the right age, or in any cemetery in Montague
County.  It is possible that he died in Nacona and was buried in Bosque
County by the family.

Velma Holmes Bozeman further states in her letters that both her Holmes
grandparents were dead by the time she was born in 1912.

He also does not appear in the 1910 Census so died sometime between 1907
when he appeared in the Tax List for Bosque County and 1910.
General(9,10,11,12,13,14,3): A Tom Holmes family is mentioned as one of
the early settlers east of Whon, Coleman County, about 1836. This could
possibly be an brother or uncle. Calvin Holmes is also mentioned as
early settlers of the Santa Anna area, with a Calvin Holmes being active
in early Santa Anna Christian Church (possibly another uncle or
brother).  A James Holmes is mentioned as coming from Tennessee with his
wife an Elizabethe (“Molly”) Blasingame and her family, the Blasingames
continuing on to California.  As of November 2000 it is not known how
these Holmes fit in, if at all.  The 1850 Census of California shows no
Blassingames by any spelling, however.

There is a James Holmes, age 47, a miner living in Placerville and
vicinity, El Dorado County, in the 1850 California Census, birthplace

According to a letter from Velma Holmes Bozeman, “Grandad Holmes camed
(sic) from Scotland he was a tall red hair blue eyed man his folks were
in Tenn when he was 16 years old he left home for California on foot
(Note:  this might have been with the aforementioned Blasingame family
on their trek from Tennessee to California) traveled at night sleep in
day as not run into Indians from Calif he came back to Texas, married
settled in Bosque County, had 3 boys, my Dad WW Holmes, Bill Holmes,
George Jr Holmes, 4 girls Fannie Holmes Moss, Sara Holmes Martin, Sinda
Holmes Martin. I have let other girl slip from my mind. Out all of them
I new Aunt Fannie & her children they if any or alive live at Dallas or
Colo  save Aunt Sina I of her girls when I was small. See, my Granddad &
Grandma Holmes were gone when I was born…”

Was Mason and Odd Fellow.

A search of the 1850 California census South Fork of the American River,
El Dorado County, shows a William K. Holmes residing with James Green
age 25 and Degachary, age 41, they being from MO and NY. William K
Holmes was listed as age 24 (again, pretty darn close to be the same WK
Holmes  who was married to Frances Blassingame), birthplace Tenn. Date
of the enumeration was Feb 3, 1851, Roll 21, page 881.  This would tie
in with family tradition that Grandpa Holmes came from Tennessee and
went to California, although he was perhaps a bit older than reported or
stayed in California several years.

Family Tradition says his name was Marvin William or William Marvin. The
death certificate of William Woodson Holmes, gives his father’s name as
I. K. Holmes (information provided by wife Mary E. Harris Holmes)

There is a WK Holmes in Leon County in the 1860 Census, and a William
Holmes in the Bosque County Census of 1840, as well as William Holmeses
in the 1850, 1860 censuses.
WFT Marriage CD #5 lists a Marvin Holmes and a Mollie Blassingame,
although a search of this CD produced no Marvin Holmes married to a

List of Marriages for Bosque County turns up several Holmes, mostly the
children of WK Holmes and Frances, verifying what was already reported
by Velma Holmes Bozeman. But others, namely Joseph Holmes who married
Mary Collins 24 Feb. 1870 and Martha Holmes who married Benjamin F.
Martin 19 Nov. 1891 are not listed in any census so far discovered. In
order to be old enough to marry, Joseph Holmes would have been born
about 1848-50, yet he does not appear in the 1860 Census for Leon
County, although a “Jno L” does but he was born 1860.  Martha would have
been born about 1871, possibly earlier.  No census for 1870 has been
located enumerating the William K. Holmes family and she does not appear
in the 1880 census.

“Sinda” does not appear in any of the censuses, either, and Velma
Bozeman may have confused her with another Aunt, Cindy Baggett Martin,
daughter of Maude Ora Holmes, a sister of her father William Woodson,
who married John Baggett.

Since “Molly” is sometimes a nickname for Frances, it is possible that
this is William “Marvin” Holmes family, even though family tradition
does not recognize any children named Mary or Jonathan.  Of course there
is a possibility that these first three children could have died of
disease before the births of the others.  A Mary E “Betty” Holmes
married James Berry Dillard, son of Caroline Blassingame and her husband
Reuben Dillard, and settled in Iredell, Bosque County, Texas. This gives
further credence to the theory that Wm. K. Holmes is the same as the
Holmes who settled later in Iredell.  Also a James B. Dillard was living
as a boarder not far away from the Holmes family in Bosque County in the
1880 Census. Mary E. was still living at home, keeping house for her
father and younger sibling. The whereabouts of her mother is not known.

A Benjamin Holmes was one of the early settlers of Perry Co, Alabama,
1820 in Marion West, and as the Blassingames were also found in Perry
County as early as 1830, it is a possibility that this Holmes family
might be the ancestors of Marvin/William/WK.  May be same as William
Marvin/Marvin William HOLMES.
However, this goes against the family tradition that William walked from
Tennessee to Texas when he was 16 years old (abt 1843)
There are several Holmes buried in Leon County, but their relationship
to WK or Wm Marvin is unknown:  They are:

The oldest Holmes in the Sardis Cemetery is Andrew J. Holmes b. 18 Dec
1828  d. 30 Aug 1906, Pvt, Co. 131 Reg. La Inf CSA (Sardis Cemetery, FM
NW of Jewett near Newby Community, adjacent to Sardis Baptist Church)

Holmes buried in Buffalo Cemetery, Leon County
Alice Holmes 14 Feb 1859 – 6 Mar 1940
Henry Holmes 8 May 1849 – 14 Jul 1922

Additional William Holmeses exist in other censuses.  In the 1850
Census, Milam Co, Tex there is a William Holmes, in dwelling #388, US
Army, age 22 from Ireland.  Although this man would be about the same
age as Marvin William, the 1860 Census for WK Holmes lists him as born
in Tenn.  Also there is a W.K. Holmes, age 26, birthplace Tenn in the
same garrison.

In the list of Confederate pensions for Texas, there is a WK Holmes,
pension 36136 from Somervell County, however, closer inspection of these
documents prove he was born in SC and as about 20 years younger, so is
not the same man.

One of the signers of the Petition to the State of Texas for a road in
Comal County was signed by three of the Blassingame men and Wm. K. Holms
(sic) in 1856, as well as a J.M. Green.  A James Green was with Wm. K.
Holmes in the 1850 (Feb 1851) Census of El Dorado Co, CA. This means the
Holmes family, Woodson Blassingame’s son-in-law and daughter were living
in the same area in 1856 and most likely when Calvin wrote his letter
for help to their friends in Hays County. Wm K. Holmes name is not
listed in the names to which the letter was addressed, so this means he
was either too far away to help or already in the immediate area.
Indeed, it could be to his home that Mary and the other children fled
after the murders of her eldest son and husband. Note:  This petition
seems to have been signed in February of 1856, as was a petition signed
by most of the same men for the separation of the Blanco area from Comal

In The History of Blanco County, by Moursund,  states that William K.
HOLMES’ land was on the Rio Blanco. Frankly, most of the earliest
settlers that settled along the “Rio Blanco” were stretched from about
present day Blanco City westward toward the present Kendall County line
along,  about a 7 to 10 mile stretch.  This was land obtained through an
Pre-exemption Grant (at this time about 160 acres, which had to be
settled and improved in 3 years time for complete title).  Based on the
tax rolls of the counties of Comal, Hays, Burnet, and Gillespie on file
at the State Comptroller’s Office at Austin, Texas…

         “The following are the first settlers in that part of Comal
County which became a part of Blanco County in 1858 and which remained a
part of Blanco County in 1862 (when the new County of Kendall came into
being):[among others…] W. K. Holmes came in 1854 to settle on 160
acres of a Pre-exemption land grant on the Rio Blanco.”

Nettie Holmes, in a conversation in the March 1999, said she had copied
the pages from the Holmes family Bible, although she believed the Bible
was currently in the possession of one of Iva Kendall Holmes’ children,
the Bible having been passed to him after the death of his brother
Lewis, and then after Iva’s death to his widow, Ola Dee Reynolds Holmes
and after her death to one of their children.  Velma is still alive in
March 2000 .  The pages she copied, however, only seem to begin with the
William Woodson Holmes family and nothing earlier.

WIFE NOTES: Frances “Fannie or Molly?” ^ BLASSINGAME
Birth: From 1900 census
General(12,13):    Clapps Creek was a stream located 310937N,  0954521W
in Leon County, Texas.

 Perhaps “Molly” might be a nickname for Frances. Father’s Probate in
1857 stated she lived in Leon County, TX.  Death certificate of her son
William Woodson Holmes with information provided by his wife Mary E.
Harris Holmes, says his mother’s name was “Fannie” which would
definitely be a nickname for Frances.

No Census records listing a WK Holmes with a wife Frances have been
discovered for 1870 and 1880 in any county in which they lived.  Since
Mary Blassingame is still living with her husband Uriel Crout in the
1880 Milam County Census, it is unlikely that Mary could be the Molly
Blassingame which Cary Holmes spoke of as his grandmother.

CHILD NOTES: Mary E(Elizabeth?) “Betty” HOLMES
Census: Age is listed as 24.  Not far away in the same Census is James
B. Dillard, a boarder , age 21, born in Tx, parents born in  GA and Ala


Census: In census listed as beign 8/12 years of age

CHILD NOTES: William Woodson “Bill” ?^ HOLMES
Census: Sheet 24, line 23
>From Soundex H-452

William W. Holmes         b. Mar 1862   age 38,  Tx
Mary E.                   b. Mar. 1874  age 26
Mary F.                   b. Feb 1893   age 7
William M.                b. Oct 1894   age 5
Georgia M.                b. July 1898  age 1

Census(18): ED 136, sheet 9

William W. Holmes              age 48
Mary                           age 36
William M.                     age 16
Georgia                        age 11
Robert F.                      age 9
Ivy                            age 7
Evy                            age 7
Ola                            age 5
Louis                          age 3
Maude                          age 5/12

Death: Family Bible simply says 1932.

Death Index for Texas 1903 – 1940 lists William W. Holmes of Coleman
County, as dying 1/30/1934 (record #957)  It is to be assumed this is
the most correct of the sources, unless the index contained a typo as to
the year.

See further information under Cause of Death
Living(20): Death certificate states he had been of resident of Santa
Anna, for 27 years, which would be 1907.
Cause of Death(21): Death certificate states “date of onset” as Jan 29,
1834, actual date of death as January 30, 1934, with other contributory
causes of “senility and prostate disease (fibro adenoma of prostate).
Date of the surgery was Jan 22, 1934.
Physician, Richard Sealy of Santa Anna, had been treating the deceased
since Jan 1, 1934.
General(22): Spelling of middle name is from the Holmes family Bible.
 William died from cancer at the Sealy Hospital in Santa Ana, TX. (see
Cause of Death)

The Holmes are listed among the many pioneer families which settled in
the Coleman area and whose children attended the Mozelle High School,
which served the areas of Brown Ranch, Elliott, Gouldbusk, Hardin, Hill,
Starkweather and Doss.

In correspondence from Velma Holmes Bozeman, she says her grandfather
lived with her mother for 7 years in Hico, and that the family is
well-known in Hico and Iredell.

Birth: From 1900 census. Age in 1880 census is given as 15, so possibly
he was born in 1865
Burial: Buried next to Mittie Harris and Edgar Holmes.
General: A George T? Holmes is listed as a son of William K. Holmes in
the 1880 Bosque County, Census, age 15.

 George D. Holmes, son, age 36, is shown living with his parents in 1900
Bosque County Census, which means that perhaps if he is the same that
married Ruby M. Moss shown below, she had died or they were divorced
before this time.

A George Holmes is shown as marrying Ruby M. Moss 12 Nov. 1879 (Bosque
County, Texas, Marriage Records, Vol. 1, p. 24)

CHILD NOTES: Frances M. “Fannie” HOLMES
Birth: This is assuming that Fannie is the Frances M. listed in the 1880
census in the household of William K. Holmes

General: A Martha Holmes wed Benjamin F. Martin on 19 Nov. 1891 (Bosque
Co, Tx, Marriage Records, Vol 2, p. 8



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