McCullough Cemetery

Warren McCullough and Perlina McCullough are buried in Bosque County, Texas
in a group of graves across the road from the old Hanna place in the Wortham
Bend area about 17 miles east of Valley Mills.  There are 20 graves but only
Warren and Perlinas are marked.
by Pat Thomas <>

        Wife of Warren McCULLOUGH

There are about 15-25 graves, but not sure who they are/were, & these 2 were the only readable ones with
information on them, back in the 1980s.

I have located the property upon which this cemetery is located, but have not
located their exact location.  We confirmed with the landowners in August 2001
that the gravesites were there, but it had been more than 20 years since they
had last seen them.  We searched but did not find them at that time.  We are
planning another search in the fall of 2003 with the landowners permission.

Here is the descendant line for Warren McCullough that has been documented:

1.  Benjamin & Martha Patsy Warren McCullough (m:  abt 1817 Pike Co., MS)
        Benjamin: 1796 to 1856  Newton County, MS
        Martha Patsy Warren:  1802 to 1862 Newton County, MS
        (11 children born to this union.)
2.  Warren & Perlina Miller McCullough (m. abt. 1840 Newton Co., MS)
        (Moved to Bosque County 1868)
        Warren:  1820 to 1882 (born in MS, died in Bosque Co, TX)
        Perlina Miller:  1823 to 1871 (born in MS, died in Bosque Co, TX)
        Note:  Warren married Ellen S. Roberts Jump in Bosque Co., TX about 1872.
        (7 children born to this union.)
3.  Reuben & Laura Elizabeth James McCullough (m:  10/20/1867 in Union, MS)
        Reuben:  1848 to 1916 (born in MS, died in Comanche Co., TX)
        Laura Elizabeth James:  1847 to 1917 (born in MS, died in Comanche Co, TX)
        (12 children born to this union  8 boys, 4 girls)
4.  Luther Sanford & Paralee Palestine Wood McCullough (m:  8/9/1891 in Comanche Co., TX)
        Luther Sanford:  1870 to 1957 (born in Comanche Co, TX)
        Paralee Palestine Wood:  1872 to 1908 (born in Comanche Co., TX)
        (7 children born to this union)
5.  Frank Sanford & Minnie Ann Green McCullough (m: 4/25/1917 in Comanche Co., TX)
        Frank Sanford:  1892 to 1969 (born in Comanche Co., TX)
        Minnie Ann Green:  1895 to 1956 (born in Comanche Co., TX)
        (2 children born to this union)
6.  Howard Ray & Ninella Gomillion McCullough (m: 11/1/1942 of Fort Worth, TX)
        Howard Ray: 1919 to present (born in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX)
        Ninella Gomillion:  1923 to 2002 (born in Enloe, Delta Co., TX)
        (4 children born to this union)
7.  Patrice McCullough Thomas (married to Roy Clark Baird, 11/30/1985)
        Patrice McCullough:  4/29/1951 (This is me!)
        (1 daughter, Kristina Thomas, born to Patrice McCullough Thomas and
        Jim Kenneth Thomas, Jr.)