Mary Jane Hunt Barry

On back of photo,  identities with ages and where living at the time:
lst row l to r – Mrs. E. T. Barry, 65, Olney, Texas; Mrs. W. E. Paschal, 70,
Houston, Texas; Mrs. S. J. Gee, 72, Cleburne, Texas
2nd row l to r – Mrs. A. J. Cooper, 74, Hico, Texas; Mrs. J. C. Frazier, 79,
Morgan, Texas; Mrs. J. L. White, 80, Dublin, Texas; Mrs. J. T. Martin, 69,
Morgan, Texas; and Mrs. Roeben, 64, Morgan, Texas.
(Mrs. E. T. Barry was formerly Mary Jane (Mollie) Hunt  of Bosque who
married Edward T. Barry in Bosque, Co.)
ated June 1914