John Lewis and Betsy Cupps

John Lewis CUPPS was born October 24, 1824 in Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania.  He married Margaret Ellen GILLSON August 1, 1866 in Greene
County, Indiana.  They migrated to Missouri and then to Bosque County,
Texas.  After living in the Walnut Springs area of Bosque County, the moved
to Coleman County.  The Cupps helped start the first Church of Christ in
their community in Coleman County.  They started the first school, known as
“Cupps School”, then Niwot, lastly known as Cleveland School. The Cupps had
a large family, since John had been married twice before he married Maggie,
and their descendants are numerous. Some still live in the Cleveland/
Trickham area of Coleman County.  Maggie died December 27, 1904 and is
buried in the Cleveland Cemetery.  John died the following year on December
23, either in Newton County, Missouri or enroute to that county, where he
was to visit his son and family. John is buried in the Hazel Green Cemetery
in Newton County, Missouri.  Although John and Maggie Cupps did not reside
in Eastland County, some of their descendants do to this day.
Donated by:  Donna IRBY