Maria Patent Grimm

Submitted by:  Edward L. WILLIAMS

Attend Mrs. Grimm’s Funeral From Rotan
Mr. and Mrs. Art Singley and Mrs. L. D. Singley, of Rotan, were in Bosque County Wednesday of last week to attend the funeral services held at 2:30 o’clock that afternoon in Meridian at the Brister Funeral Home for the ladies aunt, Mrs. C. F. Grimm. of Meridian. They made their headquarters while here in the home of the ladies’ sister, Mrs. A.G. Amundson, and family in Clifton.  Mrs. C. F. Grimm, aged 83, died at the home near Meridian of her son-in-law & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. John Hanna, on Tuesday, February 2.  Following the services interment was in the Meridian Cemetery.  Left to survive Mrs. Grimm are five sons, E.H. Grimm, Gus Grimm, Walter Grimm, & Marvin Grimm of Meridian and Louis Grimm of Dallas, and four daughters, Mrs. John Hanna (Clara) and Mrs. R. T. Bass (Helen), of Meridain.  Mrs. Callis [Collis] Williams (Marie), of Walnut Springs, & Mrs. O. D. Cox (Annie) of Cleburne.  Attending the services from Clifton were Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Amundson, Jodie Amundson, Mrs. Ida Grimm, C.C. Grimm, Alfred Grimm, & Mrs. J.L. Amundson.  The deceased was an aunt of each of the above mentioned persons with the exception of Mrs. Ida Grimm whose sister-in-law she was.